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French Leadership Styles

A brief overview of the leadership styles in France, cross-culturally speaking.

Laney Harden

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of French Leadership Styles

Social Etiquette - Handshake (especially in business), and friends offer kisses.
- First names only used by family and friends.
- "Bonjour/bonsoir, madame/monsieur" and "au revoir."
- Gifts are appreciated, but must follow certain rules (ex. flowers, wine, etc...), and they are opened upon being received.
- If expected to be late, call!
- The further the south, the less important time is.
- US relaxed ≠ French relaxed. In A Business Setting - When it comes to management, formal interactions are favored in a French business setting.
- Hierarchy is well-established, and most businesses are centered around high authority.
- Discussions are encouraged throughout middle-management, but decisions are usually always made my the highest authority.
- Every detail of a proposal will be analyzed, no matter how minute.
- Logical presentation > high-pressure sales tactics. Culturally Speaking... - Humble would not be the word to describe the French, as they generally believe they are "intellectually superior to any other nationality." (The Telegraph)
- Their language style is direct and unapologetic.
- Silence is not always golden.
- Language is thought of as a strong tool - to motivate, argue, convince and dominate. Being a Leader in France - The French are moderately accepting of change, but innovations and new ideas must have a solid background and logical explanation.
- Embarrassment and/or failure = long-term loss of confidence from the individual and others.
- Missed deadlines is a sign of incompetency, as agendas are always highly scheduled and planned out.
- Teamwork is highly emphasized, and although there may be a team leader, praise and acknowledgment is given to all. Ranking Within GLOBE Studies - Charismatic/Value-Based: In the lower part of the "higher" sector.
- Team Oriented: In the middle.
- Participative: In the top of the "middle" sector.
- Humane Oriented: The lowest of the "lower" sector.
- Autonomous: One of the lowest.
- Self-Protective: In the middle. Helpful Hints! - Respect the language.
- Do not say "bonjour" to the same person in one day.
- At work, don't communicate across hirearchy, unless specifically told otherwise.
- Take regular lunch and coffee breaks, even if working on something important.
- Social status depends on education - not money.
- Give flowers in odd numbers - except the number 13.
- Do not be overly friendly, especially in a business setting.
- Don't start eating until the hostess says bon appetit! Within a Cross-Cultural Context French Leadership Styles
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