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Prezi vs. Powerpoint

By Anabel Mattingley

Anabel Mattingley

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Prezi vs. Powerpoint

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com vs. Prezi Sign up and share Powerpoint Prezi Prezi Advantages
Much more creative than Powerpoint
Easy to use
Don't have to pay for Prezi
Easy to share
Automatically saves your work Disadvantages
Harder to add charts and tables
You need valid internet connection
Cannot be shared to ALL websites Powerpoint Advantages
You don't need internet
Do it exactly how you want it by masterslide
You can add notes
You can add media very easily
You can print out your Powerpoint Disadvantages
It costs quite a lot to get
Doesn't look as fun as Prezi
Does not work on all computers
Too many options that it looks confusing Main Features Prezi Powerpoint The path
Shapes Word Art
Smart Art
Master Slide Powerpoint Go to: www.prezi.com
Click: sign up
Fill in: the details
Start using Prezi Sign up Sign up Share Finish: your Prezi
Click: save and exit
Click: Share
Click: Email, Facebook or Twitter
Type in: who you want to share it to Go to: a shop to buy the full microsoft office disc or: download it from the internet
Go through: the installation process
Make sure: that everything is running properly
Start using Powerpoint Share Save: in your files
Send via e-mail
Put on a USB
Put on a disc Start and Save Prezi Powerpoint Start Click on: Create new Prezi
Choose: A theme
Add: a title Save Prezi automatically saves your work so all that you have to do is to click exit
Log out Start Click on: new
Add: a title page
Click on: new slide Save Go to: File
Click on: Save as
Put it: in the file that you want
Click on: done
Exit Powerpoint Examples of features Prezi Powerpoint WordArt SmartArt 1 2 3 4 5 Themes Path Tutorial for Prezi in 6 simple steps 1. Create a new Prezi and choose a theme
2. Which ever theme that you choose, there will be spaces put in so you can write in them. Double click to write something or edit a text
3. If you click once on some text or an image, it allows you to move or change the size of your text or image
4. In the top, left hand corner, there is a menu. On it there is: Theme- where if you want a different theme, you can change it, Path- allows you to add, delete or edit things on your path, Frame- You can insert a frame which allows you to write text in and is easy to add to your path and Insert- if you click on it, you may select a shape, an image, a slide from a PowerPoint presentation, a YouTube video, a diagram or something out of your saved files
5. Create your storyline- insert a path for your Prezi
6. Click "Show" to present Tutorial for PowerPoint in 6 simple steps 1. When you open up PowerPoint, you will see a big screen with the words: Click to add title and: Click to add subtitle. So far, you can do what it says
2. Click on the button which says: New slide
3. Normally, you will see two rectangles. One at the top and one in the middle. Click in the boxes to start writing.
4. Click: new slide every time that you want a new page.
5. Once you have finished, click: file, save as to save your presentation.
6. Exit PowerPoint Thank you for watching!!!

By Anabel Mattingley
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