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Positives and Negative Effects of the Agricultural Revolution

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David Fox

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Positives and Negative Effects of the Agricultural Revolution

Do Now: Part 1
- Place notes on your desk.
- Write down tonight's homework. Do Now: Part II
Support or Refute this statement:

The Agricultural Revolution had a negative effect on humanity. Use 3+ examples from your notes/ text to support your point. What did the future look like? In what ways did societies based on the domestication of plants and animals differ from those rooted in a gathering and hunting economy? In the first place, the Agricultural Revolution led to an increase in human population, as the greater productivity of agriculture was able to support much larger numbers. An early agricultural settlement uncovered near Jericho in present-day Israel probably had 2,000 people, a vast increase in the size of human communities compared to much smaller paleolithic bands. On a global level, scholars estimate that the world's population was about 6 million around 10,000 years ago, before the Agricultural Revolution got under way, and shot up to 50 million by 5,000 years ago and 250 million by the beginning of the Common Era (year 0). Here was the real beginning of the human dominance over other forms of life on the planet. STEP 1: READ! (1st Paragraph on p. 61) Step 2: Is this affect positive or negative? Why? - Negative: More competition for space and resources. - Positive: There are more people because there is enough food. More ideas can be created and the population can become more diverse. Step 3: Create a Mini-Play A volunteer please? As you watch the skit, think of whether this change was positive or negative. YOUR TURN! Step 1: Read Your Assigned Section Step 2: Figure Positives and/ or Negatives Step 3: Create a Skit
write down on index cards
make the information clear.
12 minutes Step 4: Present!
(All other groups will take notes and analyze the skit) Create this Chart in your Notebook (2 minutes) Students will be able to identify the positive and negative effects of the Agricultural Revolution Objective Was the agricultural revolution worth it?
Yes or No, Provide 2 Reasons EXIT SLIP
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