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East Wing Empire Ski Resort

No description

galtsen chumashkayev

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of East Wing Empire Ski Resort

By Galtsen,Ronald,Tam,Dmitrious&Antonious East Wing Empire Ski Resort Aims&Objectives Zermatt
Mission&Vision Statements
Arrival to East Wing Empire
Facilities&Services for our guests
Activities in our Resort
Conclusion About Zermatt Mission&Vision Statements Our mission is to provide our customers with impeccable service by demonstrating them our warmth, graciousness and professionalism. To have everyone of our costumers satisfied and impressed by our establishments, and wanting to come again. To keep our concept fresh, modern and on the cutting edge of resort and hospitality industry. The vision of our property is to emerge as a leader in today's resort industry and we also would like to run a place of excellence and tranquility, where we can provide our world class service and change the way people see resorts in today`s society. Facilites&Services East&West Restaraunt Spa Zermatt Events&Festivals Transportation For Guests who are arriving by plane private transportation will be provide.
Additional fees will be added for regular guests that require transport.
For VIP Guests transportation is free. Arrival to our resort Newly wed couples between the ages of 28 to mid 30 will receive additional package benefits upon arrival.
Welcome Drink
Complimentary Champagne
Fruit Basket
Honeymoon Package Activites Winter Season
Snow mobile
Snow boarding

Summer Season
Mountain Climbing
Hiking Conclusion Zermatt
Strategic location for both winter and summer leisure.
Peaceful surroundings.

East Wing Empire
Offer’s the best in Leisure Hospitality
Reasonable Price
Swot analysis Jacuzzi
Steam Rooms&Saunas
Quiet Room
Massages&Body Treatments
Nail&Hair Salon Annual Folklore Parade 1st of august,National holiday East Wing Empire Ski Resort By Galtsen,Dmitrious,Tam,Ronald,Antonious
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