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Math Problem

No description

Benjamin Shi

on 21 February 2013

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Transcript of Math Problem

Our Awesome Math Problem Method 1, Step One Method 2, Step One First, you must multiply how long the path was by how much of the path Isaac went to determine how much of a mile Isaac hiked. 3/4 x 1/8 = 3/32. So, Isaac stopped at 3/32 of a mile. Marie, Albert, and Isaac went hiking on a trail that was 3/4 mile long. Isaac stopped at 1/8 of the trail. Marie stops at 1/5 of the trail further than Issac. Albert stops 1/2 of the trail further than Marie. How much of a mile does Albert walk? Try to solve it! (It's really hard) Try to solve it! (It's really hard) Method 2, Step Two Method 1, Step Two But, it is asking for how far Albert walked, not Issac. But, Albert walked 1/2 more than Marie, who walked 1/5 more than Issac. We will have to find out how far Marie walked first. 1/5x3/4=3/20. Then, we will add 3/20 and 3/32. 3/20+3/32= 24/160+15/160=39/160. Marie walked 39/160 of a mile. Method 1, Step Three Method 2, Step Three Be sure to show your work. Pro Tip: read the problem and decide which operation you should use. You could also work backward, as well as guess/check. You will have to make a guess as to how long Albert hiked. You could guess that he hiked "x" of a mile. Marie hiked "y" of a mile. Since Marie hiked "y" and Albert hiked "x", they have a difference of 1/2 of the trail. x=y + (1/2 x 3/4). Marie hiked 2/3 of the trail more than Isaac. Isaac ("z") hiked 1/8 of the trail. The trail is 3/4 miles long. So, you do 1/8 x 3/4 to get the length of the part Isaac hiked. Since Isaac hiked 3/32, you have to add 3/4 x 1/5, which is 3/20, to get how long Marie hiked. 3/32 +3/20 = 39/160. 39/160 =y. So, x=39/160 +(1/2 x 3/4) = 99/160. Albert hiked 99/160 of a mile!

Answer: 99/160 of a mile Issac walked 1/2 of the trail more than Marie. 3/4x1/2=3/8 of a mile.
Then, we will have to add 3/8 and 39/160 to find how far Albert walked. 160+3/8=39/160+60/160=99/160.
Albert walked 99/160 of a mile. Answer:Albert walked 99/160 of a mile. Answer: Albert walked 99/160 of a mile.
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