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Buna and it's catastrophies

Buna a concentration that brought many pain and death

Cristal Garcia

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Buna and it's catastrophies

Double click anywhere & add an idea This is the entrance to Auscwitz where the terror began. The many death happen. Many were lost here . 10,000 people aproximately. The door to the gas chamber at Birkenau. This says ''lebengefhar''
DANGER OF DEATH Largest Auschwitz camp there was.
It was here for three or four years
from 1942-1945 People here died of starvation,savage treatment, ardouus to slave labor ,And executions. The weak were sent to Birkenau
to the gas chambers. The enterance to the camp
people thought work actually
made you free. They would go in
thinking one day they could be free
by working.
Going in with false hope kept them going Work makes you free Corpses in burkenau
this was the results for phiscical resistance . The Sonderkomando was one of the resistance of jews going to a gas chamber Some Naxis where killed in
these physical resistance. My 3 websites

Isurvived.org/AUSCHWITZ Many of these jew will be sent to the crematoria after selection The crematoria is in the back These are some Hungarian Jews who are ariving from the cattle cars , majority of them will be sent to the gas chambers Some people were led behind the buldings
and shot with a small calibre gun that
was inaudible to others.
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