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Plot Structure of A Tragedy

Plot Structure of A Tragedy

Ashley Hawkins

on 4 March 2013

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Transcript of Plot Structure of A Tragedy

Plot Structure of
a Tragedy Climax or Turning Point:
The highest point of
action in the play. Change
in the protagonist, who
seems now to be following a downward path. Rising Action: Series
of events leading up
to the climax;
usually covers
more than one act. Falling Action: Series of
events following the
climax; the conflict is
the essence of the play; most events go against
the protagonist Exposition: The introductory section of a play in which time, place, characters, and situations are presented. Exciting (or Inciting) Force: Something happens that gets the action moving, usually in the first act. Moment of Final Suspense: Near the end of the play, it begins to look as if things will go the way of the protagonist after all. Catastrophe: The
complete downfall of
the protagonist, either
through death or some
other devastating
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