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Tragic Heroes

No description

Alejandra Ferretiz

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of Tragic Heroes

Superman vs. Greek Heroes
Superman does most of what a greek hero would've done but, he is not some guy who was in the ordinary world like Planet Earth but started out in some other Planet.

Ordinary World:

Zod is imprisoned.

Jor-El tells the council that thei planet is about to explode
Qualities of the Hero
The most important key factor that makes Superman heroic is the values his foster parents the Kents raised him with. His act of courage is what makes him heroic like Samson and Hercules. His use of his abilities to help people insteading of terrorizing them is another factor of what makes him heroic. The greatest factor next to his moral values is being an alien or immigrant coming to a different world to make a difference.

Tragic Heroes: Super Man
by: Alejandra ' Beyonce' Ferretiz
Directed by Richard Donner

Made in 1978
Heroes Journey
Call to Adventure
Jor-El sends his son to Planet Earth to save his life when their planet is about to explode.
Refusal of Call

Lara implores him not to send him
Supernatural Aid
Jor El gives his baby the Green crystal which has amassed all the knowledge of Krypton and puts it in the rocket.
When Kal-El lands on earth he meets another mentor, Johnathan Kent who guides Clark’s early years. Giving him a simple life with honest rewards.
Woman as Temptress
His love for Lois is what motivates him to disobey his father’s directive.
Master of two Worlds
Superman saves everyone and drops Lex Luthor off in the prison yard and the Warden thanks him, Superman tells the Warden that they’re all on the same team.
He is a Super Hero and he can also be part of mankind.
Superman flies into the atmosphere and gives us a wave. All is well.
Back to ordinary life
Here is A dubstep video. Its Man Of Steel because I could find one of mine and its hard to make video edits :)
Enjoy :)
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