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Black History Scavenger Hunt Prezi

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Amanda Priestley

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Black History Scavenger Hunt Prezi

Group #2 Black History Scavenger Hunt Group 2:
Willie Frederick Douglass quote: "Once you learn to read, you will forever be free." At the Courthouse The African artist who played at Woodstock was Richie Havens. The premier trumpet player was Wynton Marsalis. The Baltimore area singer was Ethel Edous. Avalon Theatre This was an all African American school in Talbot County. Watch Tyler's video for the entire story. Moton Building This was also the site where slaves were sold, which was ironic because it was a courthouse, a place of justice. The theatre was also segregated at one time and African Americans had to sit in the balcony. At The Hill ... At the Talbot County Historical Society At the Talbot County Free Library Tyler was struck by an idea about white privilege on the bus ride to Easton. The front of the bus At Spring Hill Cemetary... THEN NOW We found a Maya Angelou poem. The call number was J811A A video Kate made ... This book was a voting log listing the black people who voted. Its significance is that these people shunned and treated poorly for voting. A map of the First Black
Neighborhood. This is a church
where Fredick
Douglass spoke. Close to the hill has Civil war
roots. The grave is from a Civil
war sharpshooter. They also have a
cannon marking where the graves start. Later, at lunch ... we enjoyed one of George Washington Carver's inventions ... peanut butter! Julian's sandwich Sarah plotted our course and led the way ...
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