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Tinkercad Navigation Race

No description

Eileen Lastrina

on 29 September 2016

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Transcript of Tinkercad Navigation Race

Unit 3: Solid Modeling
Learning Objective
: SWBAT navigate in a 3D environment.

Essential Question
: How can we be sure that an object is where we want it to be?
Complete the navigation race (timed - 20 minutes). Answer all reflection questions within the Navigation Race Student form in Google Classroom.

To complete:
1. Pick up your Chromebook.
2. Go to Google Classroom and click on "Tinkercad Navigation Race Student Form."
3. Team leaders will be chosen to add the rest of the group to the document so all students can work at the same time
3. Read the instructions, answer all questions within.
Tinkercad: Navigation Race
Using a trackpad with Tinkercad
Swipe up and down with two fingers
1. Ctrl + click, hold and drag
2. Two-finger click, hold and drag
Rotate around
1. Shift + Ctrl + click, hold and drag
2. Shift + Two-finger click, hold and drag
Look closely and discuss with your group. Can you be sure that the letters were placed correctly on this name tag? Why or why not?
What tools/techniques can we use to be sure that objects are placed where we really want them to be?
Navigation Race!
Use the basic navigation tools of Zoom, Pan, Orbit and Focus to locate each person, animal, or thing.
To verify your findings, take a screen shot of each item as you find it.
Please Note: The screen shot must be a direct view of the object you are trying to find. Screen shots of things in the distance won’t cut it!
After finding everything, fill out the reflection within the Google Doc.
What are we looking for?
The Flash Logo
The Beib's
Peter Penguin
Bill Nye the Science Guy!
Nelson Mandela
The letters "3D"
Orca Whale
Black Cat
Bengal Tiger
Exit Ticket:
Which navigation tool would you use to accomplish each of the following?
a. Center Bob in the frame.
b. See the letter on the front of his overalls.
c. See the top of Bob's head.
Select an object and press "F".
Share your thoughts
: Do you think being able to navigate effectively in a 3D modeling application is important? Why or why not?
Write Question in Cornell Notes and answers in right column.
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