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What St. Leonard School Means To Me...

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Anthony Diaz

on 25 January 2015

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Transcript of What St. Leonard School Means To Me...

St. Leonard School has guided me down the path towards my journey of faith and living my life as a Christian providing service to others.
Throughout my years at St. Leonard, I have been gifted knowledge from teachers, staff members, clergy members, my peers and parishioners. I have been given the skills I need for a successful future.
The volunteer coaches at St. Leonard School have taught me to never give up, do my best, respect my opponents and support my teammates.
The staff at the school demonstrate sincere compassion and share a special bond with the students. Mrs. Brady, my Kindergarten teacher, has gone above and beyond by attending my 1st Communion and displaying a photo in her classroom of my brother celebrating his 1st Birthday that was reached after many medical challenges.
It means memories that I am making during my eighth grade school year.
My PAST.....
St. Leonard means memories from the past 10 years.
What St. Leonard School Means To Me...
By: Anthony Diaz
During an unexpected event in our family, my St. Leonard family stepped in and offered support, love and compassion.
I have established many unique and solid friendships while at St. Leonard School. I have made friendships that will last a lifetime.

Today, 8 years later, Mrs. Brady still remembers that "Eat Your Peas" was my favorite book in Kindergarten.
St. Leonard has taught me to take the time to care for others & to help those in need.
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