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Copy of FINAL Self spotlighting

No description

Ayauly Anuarbekova

on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of Copy of FINAL Self spotlighting

Mobile: +7(701) 766 35 10
Email: ayauly@mail.ru
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Active weekend with my family (hiking, skiing, swimming)
Housing, gardening
Read Business literature
(Reading now: Tom Peters. The Little Big Things)
Bake pies
(Honey cake is the best one)
2007 - 2009
Master in Business Administration (
2001 - 2003

Master in Arts

(Marketing and Commerce)
Kazakh State National University
Diploma with Honor

1994 - 1998

in International Economic Relations
Kazakh State National University
Diploma with Honor

Work Experience
Family -5 people
Friends-15 people
Relatives-155 people
Colleagues-555 people

Personal profile
Me and my society
February- November 2014
Director of Marketing and Commerce

Sales forecast on category basis.
Commercial policy and marketing strategies development.
Marketing planning and budgeting. Events.Promotions.ATL.BTL.Direct marketing.Website.Social cites.
Managing of commercial, marketing and pricing departments
(30 employees)

Education and Working background
My values
Me and my society
Individual SWOT analysis
Failures and learnings
Aspirations/goals & self development plan
February 2009 – April 2013
Head of Branding/Branding Manager
Lead the process of brand management including own brands. Ensure preparation and implementation of promotions and marketing programs for B2B and B2C.
Coordinate communications of the marketing initiatives such as message development, media planning, content strategy and creative campaign concept, direct marketing, E-commerce.
Responsible for all marketing communication as direct mailing, D2D, ATL, BTL, Emailing, Website, Social Media, SMM and In-store Communication.
November 2000 – October 2007
Head of Food Department/Category Manager

Negotiating annual contracts with the top management of supplier (line assortment, pricing, joint marketing programs, work on product quality, delivery and other conditions)
Contribute to the annual planning of sales, deliveries and sales forecasting sales.
Managing (statement of goals and objectives as well as monitoring results, and etc.) team consisting of a category managers and their assistants
June-September 2008
Marketing Communication Manager

Marketing execution (Marketing Media, Marketing Creative, Marketing BTL) to support internal clients - product-solutions managers and sales managers.
Establishes and builds relationships with the corresponding regional and U.S. groups in order to keep up to date on U.S. and global communications programs and best practices
Failures and learning
2. Before one day of shopping mall’s grand opening I found out that the contractor-agency decorated the windows of store just awful!
Do control in all steps
of even minor project of my team!
Be permanently informed of the changes in legislation!
Put deadlines only after detailed analysis the existing resources!
1. The deadline of sales forecast was failed because of lack of knowledge in forecasting and outdated software.
3. We have to stop new promising project on almost final stage because of the changes in legislation.
SWOT Analysis
Focus on the successful completion of objects
Prefer to work concurrently on a variety of tasks
Question the status quo and find new ways of doing things
Build enthusiasm and moral in others
Comfortable stating opinion

Could at times neglect to listen to other's ideas
May not always create time to set and monitor tasks
Likely to be too brief for some when delegating assignment

Background in procurements and marketing
Lecturing skills
International assignment
Three lingual

Pro-active young generation

to switch from FMCG to telecommunication area
to grow as professional
in procurement and marketing
international assignment
to be a coacher
My values:
1. to be honest
2. to be responsible
3. to be in progress
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