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Test Taking Strategies

No description

Kurt Thomas

on 22 August 2016

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Transcript of Test Taking Strategies

Strategies for Success
How many times have we heard that?
Why is studying for a test so difficult?
studying for a test requires preparation
Take good notes
Find out when the test will be
Make a study schedule
Craft a positive attitude
Stay away from vices
Study with others
Don't fool yourself
Before the Test
creates anxiety
increases stress
more likely to misinterpret information
During The test
Jot notes to the side
Preview the Exam
Start and complete what you know
Complete Multiple Choice First
Don't feel pressured
Time yourself out
Weigh your answers
Circle key words and phrases
Go with your gut
All of the above
True False
watch for statements that change meaning
wait until they are false
always, never = false
sometimes, often= true
circle negatives
eliminate distractors
find the pair
Short Answer and Essay
save enough time
state your thesis or main idea upfront
provide support
give examples
provide facts
Be direct and concise
answer the whole questions
Find out what the test is asking for
Compare and Contrast
Remember three steps
What to do after the test?
Figure out what you did right
Reward yourself
Figure out what you could do better
Consult you instructor if you want more info
you are worth more then your grade
(cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr
take it is a time to grow
Ethical Issues
Prepare- in the classroom and at home
Use new strategies
Test Taking Strategies
15. The way a kitchen is organized would be least dependant on which of the following?

a. The size of the operation

b. The Menu

c. The physical facilities and equipment

d. The type of customers
17. A cook’s judgement is based on his/her:

a. Experience

b. Understanding of raw materials

c. Knowledge of cooking principles

d. All of the abov
19. Bacteria grow best in a temperature range of:

a. 45°F to 140°F

b. 70°F to 165°F

c. 41°F to 135°F

d. 35°F to 141°F
23. A basic difference between a conventional and a convection oven is that a convection oven:

a. Distributes heat more rapidly throughout the interior

b. Cooks slower

c. Must be set to higher temperature

d. Simply heats air in an enclosed space

20. ____ If vegetables must be cooked ahead of time, they should be undercooked

21. ____ The basic difference between sautéing and pan frying is the amount of oil used.

22. ____ Only tender, quick cooking vegetables should be sautéed without precooking.

23. ____ It is not advisable to bake small vegetables because they might dry out.
Describe the cooking term:

4 points

- In your own words, describe what “Mise en place” means and
why it is so important to Chef’s and the food service industry in
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