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University of California Los Angeles

No description

emma kramer

on 26 February 2016

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Transcript of University of California Los Angeles

University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)
Student Life
Acceptability/Financial Aid
Notable Alumni
UCLA has been the temporary home to many notable alumni, a few are listed below:
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Marilyn Monroe
Leonardo DiCaprio
Jack Black
Russell Westbrook
James Franco
UCLA is located in the heart of beautiful, sunny, and diverse Los Angeles. The campus includes 163 buildings across 419 acres (1.7 km²) in the western part of the city. The campus is bordered by Bel-Air to the north, Beverly Hills to the east, and Brentwood to the west. The campus is informally divided into North Campus and South Campus, which are both on the eastern half of the university's land. It is bisected by Bruin Walk, a heavily traveled pathway from the residential hill to the main campus. At the intersection of Bruin Walk and Westwood Plaza is Bruin Plaza, featuring an outdoor performing arts stage and a bronze statue of the university's mascot, the Bruin bear.
The UCLA student-athletes compete as the Bruins in the Pac-12 Conference. The Bruins have won 126 national championships, including 113 NCAA team championships, more than any other university. UCLA student-athletes, coaches and staff have won 251 Olympic medals: 126 gold, 65 silver and 60 bronze. The school sponsors:
cross country
women's rowing
women's gymnastics
men's football
water polo
track and field
women's softball.

96% of UCLA freshman choose to live on campus because it is all part of the amazing experience of attending this university. The affordable housing for all students makes it easier for people to really experience everything the school has to offer.
Welcome to UCLA one of the best and most popular schools in North America. Located in the heart of sunny Los Angeles, this diverse school has so much to offer with top of the line academics and athletics and so much more.
Being located in the heart of the city of Los Angeles means that there is so many amazing and entertaining things not only to do on campus but also in the communtity. The pleasure of being able to attend a school like this is matched with the amazing experiences and extra curriculars.
UCLA fosters an amazing academic experience. Many students aren't just working for straight A’s in their field — they study across disciplines. They major in mechanical engineering and take playwriting courses. They take acting classes and study two languages. With more than 3,800 courses in 109 academic departments, UCLA offers 125+ majors to help you define your academic path. And 70 percent of the undergraduate classes have 30 or fewer students, maximizing your personal engagement with the internationally renowned faculty.
March 1881 - After heavy lobbying by Los Angeles residents, the California State Legislature authorized the creation of a southern branch of the California State Normal School (now San Jose State University) in downtown Los Angeles to train teachers for the growing population of Southern California. The State Normal School at Los Angeles opened on August 29, 1882, on what is now the site of the Central Library of the Los Angeles Public Library system. The new facility included an elementary school where teachers-in-training could practice their teaching technique on real children. In 1887, the school became known as the Los Angeles State Normal School.

1919- The Vermont Avenue campus of the University of California opens, offering two-year undergraduate teachers-training programs.

1923 – The third and fourth year instruction was approved for the College of Letters and Science, after a political struggle with UC president Barrows and several Northern California regents who preferred that Berkeley remain the sole upper-division degree granting institution. In 1925, the Southern Branch awarded its first Bachelor of Arts degrees to 100 women and 24 men.
December 7, 1941-The airstrike on Pearl Harbor immediately put the campus on a wartime basis. Faculty adjusted the curriculum and academic schedule to assist students entering military service. A student defense committee, later called the Student War Board, was organized to coordinate emergency services. Japanese-American students issued a statement that read, "None of us have known loyalty to any country than America. We stand ready with other Americans to act in whatever capacity we may be called upon to perform in order to carry out the resolution of our government

1950-The first open-heart surgery in the western United States is performed at UCLA Medical Center.

1968 - Chancellor Murphy resigned into take over as head of the Times Mirror Company. Under his tenure, enrollment had increased to 29,000, $150,000,000 in new buildings were constructed, 1000 new faculty were hired, and UCLA's annual operating budget increased from $14,000,000 to $95,000,000.[25] The Regents selected his right-hand man, Charles E. Young, a graduate of UC Riverside who earned his doctorate and taught in Political Science at UCLA, to be the next UCLA Chancellor. At 36, was the youngest ever chief officer of a UC campus and the first graduate of UCLA to become Chancellor of the campus.

1969 - UCLA becomes the first node on the ARPANET and Professor Leonard Kleinrock sends the first message. The Internet is born.

1972- Prof. Julian Schwinger, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics (1965), joins the faculty of the UCLA College.

1981- UCLA physicians report the world’s first AIDS cases.

2008 - The new Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center opens.

2010 - UCLA exceeds $1 billion in competitively awarded research grants and contracts in a single year.

2012 - Prof. Lloyd Shapley of the UCLA College wins Nobel Prize in Economics.

2014 - UCLA ranks no. 1 in California and no. 6 in the U.S. for the number of Peace Corps volunteers.
More high school students apply to UCLA than to any other university in the country.
The budgets vary depending on the student’s living arrangements while in school; from living with parents or relatives, to living on-campus ,to living off-campus (apartment, sororities, fraternities). A cost of attendance budget is initially assigned depending on the housing option selected on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the California Dream Act Application (DREAM) until the housing status is confirmed by the student and the Financial Aid and Scholarships office. The cost of attendance is used to determine the maximum amount of financial aid a student can receive for the academic year.

Financial Aid and Scholarships office will try to list scholarships awarded to you on your Provisional Award Letter (PAL), which is the notification of eligibility that you will receive when you are admitted). Many scholarships are awarded on a timeline that will not make it possible for us to include them on your PAL. While we endeavor to award scholarships before students begin their classes in the fall, some departments process their awards throughout the academic year; do not be surprised if you receive notification that you are eligible for a scholarship after the academic year has started. Once we are aware that you are eligible for a scholarship, we
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