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UX Week in Review

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Feedback Central

on 12 October 2010

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Transcript of UX Week in Review

Behavior Wizard: Precision and Power in Persuasive Design UX Week
San Francisco Data Informed, Not Data Driven Computational Information Design Gamestorming: Design Practices for Co-Creation and Engagement Designing Smartphone Apps From Products to Services: A Service Design Crash Course The Mag+ Concept Core Motivators
Social Rejection/Acceptance Behavior=motivation*action*trigger Hot Trigger (noun): an offer that can be acted upon right now. http://www.behaviorwizard.org/wp/behavior-grid/ BJ Fogg Adam Mosseri friends will miss you 7% "Overreacting to data can lead to microoptimizations" "The greatest risk is taking no risk" "Be disruptive." News feed was invasive but is now a huge win "Very difficult for a set of metrics to fully represent what you value as a company. " Ben Fry http://www.healthymagination.com "Don't design for a perfect world, design for chaos" Dave Gray Suzanne Ginsburg http://www.uistencils.com/products/iphone-stencil-kit Sarah Ohrvall Jamin Hegeman Jared Cole http://benfry.com/zipdecode http://fathom.info The End
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