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The Mayas-Laura, Steffi, Aisha

The Mayas-Laura, Steffi, Aisha

Beth Smith

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of The Mayas-Laura, Steffi, Aisha

By: Laura, Steffi,&Aisha The Mayas Region The Mayas lived in South Mexico to Central America. Natural Resources Their natural resources are stone, corn, beans, and squash. Traditional Men's work The men planted & helped build new temples when
needed. Traditional Women's work. The women cooked, wove baskets and clothes and
also took care of the children. Food/Water Sources Peanuts were a very good source of protein for the
Mayas. They also ate a lot of beans & rice (white or
yellow). For a special treat (if they could find some)
they would have Cacao beans! Cacao beans for them
were very rare. So when they could find some, they
would be in heaven! Clothing The men wore loin cloths, shorts, some times vests( but not all the time), but NEVER long pants. The women wore long skirts with tunics, or a multicolored skirts
( or plaid, flower print, or a solid colored) with a solid
(or flower) color print top. The men's hair was always short, and the women's hair was either short or long, and always in a ponytail. Culture Bibliography 1. Perl,Lila(2005), The Ancient Maya,
Scholastic Inc., New york.

2. Baquedano, Elizabeth(2005), The Ancient Maya, Scholastic, New york.

3. Shuter, Jane(2009),The Maya,
Pearson Inc., Chicago, Illinois. The Mayas buried their kings under their temples, and the ordinary people under their huts. The Mayas were short with black slanted eyes and black hair. The Mayas also had lots of math in their culture. Weapons/Tools They used huge machetes or wooden
swords with obisdian blades. Homes The royal and important people lived in platformed pyramids, but most of the population lived in huts. The huts had mud or clay walls, with mud and leaves for the roof. Those were their
summer and winter homes. Language They spoke fluent
Spanish. They also spoke
fluent Kukulcan, their own language. Origin Stories Thanks for watching our prezi! The Hero twins annoy the gods and one of their heads get severed and replaces the hard rubber ball.
They used his head a ball in soccer games.
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