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No description

Ian Perry

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Leadership

What Makes a Great Leader? Compassion? Consideration? Discipline? Skills? Stake holders? Resources? Experiences? Success? What this class teaches...... Different Theories

Different Styles Different Behaviours Different Measures All are correct and logical....... But what is the best one? There is no right answer.

There is no wrong answer.

Abilities depend on situational factors and personal characteristics Win Wahrer - Director of Client Services The Association in Defence for the Wrongly Convicted (AIDWYC) Organization that specilizes in handling possible wrongful conviction cases. Only handle murder cases and have recently expanded their borders Many Successes! Steven Truscott Robert Baltovich Donald Marshall Jr David Milgard Guy Paul Morin So, Why Win? Aware of her abilities Amazing story of how she became involved with AIDWYC Proven track record of success in leading many volunteers Position of the Author's Win Wahrer is a charismatic leader, whose considerate
behavior and entrepreneurial style have allowed her to
transform AIDWYC from a grass roots campaign to an
internationally successful organization. Summary of the Interview 10 questions that were electronically recorded Interview lasted approximately 30 minutes Conducted via telephone 1.What is your position with AIDWYC and what does that entail?

2.What did you do before joining AIDWYC?

3.What motivated/inspired you to lead an organization like AIDWYC?

4.Your job requires you to be in control of many volunteers and keep them working towards a common goal. What are some of the ways you keep everybody focused and on the same page?

5.What are some of the biggest challenges and frustrations you face when running an organization of this magnitude?

6.What do you feel has been your most useful personality trait(s) that have allowed you to have such success in this position?

7.If you could improve something about yourself, what would it be?

8.If you were to retire tomorrow, what would be the advice you would give to the person taking over your position?

9.With the work that AIDWYC does, I am sure you have had your share of disappointments. How do you handle these disappointments and what drives you to keep moving forward?

10.What is your vision for the future of AIDWYC and how are you going about obtaining that future?
Win as a Charismatic Leader Has Inspired Other's

Looks for others who are aligned with her thinking

Socialized Charismatic “…. I think part of it is just sharing some of the knowledge I have and talking to them about the cases and what it means to the people that are incarcerated…..One of the things that I try to do is introduce them to someone who has been wrongly convicted and allow them to transport themselves from their lives and into the shoes of others…. I really try to make them understand that this type of thing could truly happen to anyone. I also stay in touch through email and office visits as much as I can.” The Vision Component Q: What are your long term goals for AIDWYC and how are you going about achieving them?

A: My biggest goal for AIDWYC would be for them to go out of business! Entrepreneurial Style Demonstrated ability to think outside the box

Fights for the Underdog

Uses Enthusiasm and Charisma to Persade

Works Tenaciously

Dislikes Formal rules and Regulations Considerate Behaviour Leader is friendly and approachable

Keeps the group aware of new developments

Proven to improve worker motivation and job satisfaction The answer lies within the leader themselves Weak Points Thank You!

Presented by:
Ian Perry and Nick Murchie Biggest Fears "I am fearful that one day AIDWYC will make a mistake...
that we will look over someone who is innocent, or believe someone
who is guilty...." Tenacity is good, compassion is good

Tenacity + Compassion = Carelessness Creating Frustrations Dislikes the formal rules of wronful conviction appeals

Necessary process

Unnecessary Frustrations Too Compassionate? Limited Resources = Limited Abilities

Could possibly discard someone who is in fact useful to the
organization AKA
Beggar's can't be chooser's Assessment of Leadership Ability Excellent leader who has an intrinsic ability to lead
Recommendation as a boss: conduct a SWOT analysis
Feedback if we were her boss: become more self critical Intersections of Race, Gender and Equality Win will take anyone as a volunteer as long as the passion is there

Applicants often come from low income backgrounds who can't afford their own legal services
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