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Improving the Sense of Belonging in Your Congregation: A Recommendation Report

Oral presentation for formal report.

Amber Fichtenberg

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Improving the Sense of Belonging in Your Congregation: A Recommendation Report

815 East School Street
Anderson, IN 46012 Glad Tidings Assembly of God Background "Welcome to Glad Tidings – a place where you can Experience Expansion in every dimension of your life. From infancy to senior adulthood, Glad Tidings has exciting ministries that are designed just for you. We believe in connecting people to God and one another." -gladtidings.tv "experience expansion" Problem Members of the church
are having problems
feeling connected. Research Recommendation Methods
Findings costliness inclusiveness effectiveness experience case study meeting emotional
needs 1. Evaluate current procedures 2. Evaluate current involvement
from congregation 3. Take action to make the church
environment and appearance
more welcoming How easy is your church to find?
What kind of greeting to people experience in the parking lot before entering the building?
Can a single parent make it through Sunday morning without being asked where his/her spouse is? 4. Develop groups to include
people from all walks of life •Men’s Bible Study
•Women’s Bible Study
•Single Parents Support Group
•Bereavement Group
•New Parents Group
•Newly Wed Group
•Young Adult Group
5. Develop a more effective
welcoming committee
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