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League of Legends

No description

Megan Frederick

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of League of Legends

Why League of Legends? What is League of Legends? Communication in League Our LoL Experiences On-Campus Surveys LoL Forums Factors of Perception Number of players

UNC Club

Communication intensive What's the worst quality a teammate can have? -Selection
-Negotiation Perception Checking 1. Describe the Situation

2. Come up with 2 possible explanation

3. Ask for Clarification Baym Concepts -Social cues
-Limited Interactivity LoL Vocabulary
-Summoner = Player
-Champion = Playable Character
-Lanes = Paths between bases
-Nexus = Team base Who plays LoL? -70 million summoners registered
-Played in over 145 countries
-Most played game in the world Post we found -> <- Our response Graves Ashe Try to match us with our favorite champion! Nunu "Ragers....just make the game less enjoyable" (Sinchrono Silver I)
"Generally being a douche. Whining about everything, blaming teammates" (UNCDT, unranked)
"....as soon as that guy drags your team into an argument the game is lost." (Fezz Gold V) Do you check LOLKING? "Yeah mostly when they brag about something to make sure they are actually good" engarts Unranked

"I normally don't do it myself, but someone on my team often does. Still, I don't put too much faith in those, because I've often seen instances where a player we think is going to be easy pickings roflstomps our team" (TheAegine Bronze I) Do you give Honor points? "if they were exceptional in some way" (TheAegine Bronze I)
"only if the person plays like a god and is hilarious" (Insane Soul Gold II)
"only if their positive performance reminds me to" (Santa the Fox, unranked) Chat box
during the game
Forum Sources:
Murphy, S. (2009). Video Games, Competition and Exercise: A New Opportunity for Sport Psychologists?. Sport Psychologist, 23(4), 487.
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