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blue ridge mountains

No description

Antoine Calloway

on 18 August 2017

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Transcript of blue ridge mountains

Blue Ridge Mountains
a prezi created by: Antoine, Shannon, Alexys, and Carson
what is the blue ridge mountains
fun facts
Thank you!
physical features
Georgias highest mountain is called Brasstown Bald. It stands at a good 4,784 feet within the blue ridge.
The Chattahoochee and savannah river begin in the blue ridge and flow south straight the coastal plains.
Blue ridge has less than 1% of Georigas best soil due to the number of mountains.
However, oak and hickory have been known to grow fairly well in the blue ridge.
History of the blue ridge
The first person to ever explore the blue ridge was a spanish conquistador named Hernando De Soto. Aside from Hernando, their were other humans living in the mountains. They other humans were believed to be the first of the Cherokee indians. Along with the Cherokee, some more first settlers were from England, Scotland, Germany, and many other european countries.
major businesses and industries
tourism is a great part of the blue ridge
due to so much tourism, the houses and hotels are usually full
some of the famous attractions include:
expedition Bigfoot (this activity is great for families and learning)
Fort mountain state park( this is good for people who want to learn some information about the region. This is also for people who are looking for adventure)
river rafting
fox fire heritage center(good for people who like learning history)
prominent crops grown
the blue ridge mountains are a range of mountains that extend from Georgia to Virginia. Also, it is called the blue ridge mountains because from a good distance, the sky appears to be blue.
some of the crops grown include:
wheat soybean
these are usually grown where the fertile soil is
history continued
In the late 1800s, Georgia's gold rush began. By 1861, the main plantations have divided half way. Around the same time, productions og illegal alcohol-primarily corn whiskey or peach brand-began taking a toll of the are and started what was known as the moonshine wars. This was a war between residents and revenuers over the production of alcohol.

blue ridge is well known for being where folk art was created. This is also where the first song of blue grass was created. This was all created because the people of the blue ridge needed something to do to buy their time with.
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