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MINI brand


niels mayrargue

on 9 June 2010

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Transcript of MINI brand

Double click anywhere & add an idea MINI BRAND AUDIT PROJECT Section I: The history of an iconic brand By Alex Vasin, Pete Becker, Harry Jarin and Niels Mayrargue The Mini's Appeal: birth of an Icon
Innovative functional design
Simple and versatile
icon of the 60's
...to the New MINI and its line expansion 2001- ? Development of a stable business model
Performance "...energic, cheeky, stylish, self-confident, reliable, and exciting."
-MINI Corporate Website Section II: Brand Inventory MINI Brand comprehension MINI Brand Marketing A buzz-generating viral marketing strategy Building an iconic brand through TV and movies A unique name, a single logo ? Section III: exploratory research “I have no idea who the competitors are. I don’t know much about cars. Can you tell me?”
–Focus Group Participant
First goal: define MINI market
Second goal: define the axes of MINI's perceptual map
Third goal: understand the brand personality and attributes
Goal 1: testing the representativeness of the focus group
Goal 2: getting insights from people more knowledgable about cars
Goal 3: diversify our answers in terms of origin/income/sex...

Same questions but with a large pool
Results: a clear perception-gap MINI Section IV: recommandations Recommandation I: Limit Model Lineup Extension Recommandation II:Two-pronged Marketing Campaign Benefits:
no-dilution of the brand equity
Cost reduction "Everybody can fit in a MINI" Benefits:
-Increase the customers basis without aleniating the MINI current customers
-Associate a positive and humouristic image with the MINI brand From the "original" Mini...
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