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Skeletal system of a Bird and a Dolphin

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Destiny Harris

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Skeletal system of a Bird and a Dolphin

Skeletal system of a Bird and a Dolphin
by: Destiny Harris and Alyssa Reed

Skeletal System
Their are 27 bones in the skeletal system of a pigeon.
The skeletal system of a pigeon weighs just one twentieth of the weight of its whole body.This is to help it fly.
Birds Skeletal System
Birds Skeletal System
They have small compact bodies and most of their weight is in the center.
The strong breastbone balances the pull of the flapping wings.
The skull is light so that it does not weigh the bird down in the air
The functions of the skeletal system is that it supports the body, protects internal organs, provides for movement, stores mineral reserves, and provides a site for blood cell formation.
Dolphin Skeletal System
There are over 300 bones in a dolphin.
The primary function for the skeletal system is the skull and the backbone.
The skull protects the brain from damaging.
Also the skull has a protective liquid around it to help it heal if it is damaged.

The dolphin has 75 vertebrates. The extra vertebrates help the dolphin to glide and be flexible in the ocean. The dolphins weight is spread throughout the dolphins body in order for the dolphins body to stay light and fast in the water.
Dolphin's Skeletal System
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