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Jared Stevens

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Plot Summary
Noah's new start to his life in George River does not start out the way he wanted to. Noah decides to take his dad's dog for a run his first morning in the town. The dog was struck by a truck just around the corner from Noah's dads house.
Plot Summary
A young teenage boy named Noah Thorpe moves to a small community north of Quebec called George River to live with his dad and experience the new culture.

Noah struggles to find things to do in the small community and fit in with the new culture and making new friends.
Plot Summary
The dog Tarksalik was alive but injured. Noah is feeling uncertain and doesn't know if this is going to be the place for him to be happy and start a new life.
Jared Stevens

Due Date: June 12th, 2013
Plot summary
Plot Summary
Plot Summary
Plot summary
Noah's father sets up a winter camping trip for Noah to go on to try and get his mind off the accident to his dog, and have a chance to meet new friends.
Noah learns more about himself on the camping trip, than he has ever done so in the last fifteen years of his city life. He learns how to shoot and trap animals, how to skin animals and how to start a fire.

Noah is starting to accept George River as his home, and not a vacation.
After Noah's winter camping trip he then returns home to his dad's house where he can see his dog Tarksalik for the first time since he left for a week on the trip. Tarksalik is up and walking around now and Noah can't believe how fast he recovered .
The winter camping trip made Noah realize the little things in life and how to make a bad scenario into a good one. Noah now excepts the people in George River as family.

Noah will continue to live with his father in George River and learn more about the Inuit traditions.
''Tarksalik"! I cry out, choking on her name. I'm sure the driver will stop. He must have felt Tarksalik's body hit the ground. If she's alive he'll know what to do, where to take her! But the bastard just keeps driving." Pg.5
" I am told to get off and run with the dogs as we are coming to a hill, so I do. Before I can take two steps I'm on my back with my boots off in the snow, I already think I shouldn't have come." pg.80
"Winter camping is about the last thing I wanted to do, but I guess there is a first for everything up here'' pg.53
" Joseph lifts his good hand to wave good-bye. He's too weak to speak. I sure hope Steve can get him on that plane to Kuujjuaq and that the plane won't be grounded in this wind." Pg. 124
" Bullets whiz through the air, just above the ground. Lenny's up now and has his rifle. They're doing what I said- aiming for the bear's paws. One of the bullets shatters a huge boulder on the ground, near the bear's paws. The bear looks startled, but he still won't move" Pg.198
Central Theme Statement

The main message this novel is conveying is even though you are out of your own environment you can still learn valuable life lessons and apply them anywhere. Noah matured very quickly because he had to adapt to his surroundings, which sometimes meant life or death situations.
Canadian Connection
The reason this book is Canadian is because of the location it takes place, the inuit language and the way they go about living their lives. The novel takes place in Northern Quebec and has a very Canadian feel to it. The locals snowmobile to get groceries, to school and to check their animal traps. This book shows what Canada is all about, and how other small towns that you don't hear about, go about living their life.
Plot Summary
George River
No camping trip ever goes as planned. One night before Noah was going to bed, he heard a massive roar outside his teepee and was greeted at the front door by a polar bear! He yelled and screamed until the others woke up and they managed to fend it off. With weapons of course.
Towards the end of the trip, one of Noah's friends cuts off his thumb with an axe trying to chop fire wood. Joseph is rushed back to George River to catch the next plane to get him to the hospital.
Independent novel - course
Much like in the novel Lord of the Flies by William Golding, when the surroundings changed, so do your morals and values. In each of these novels, they share a common theme of adapting to your surroundings. In the novel The Middle of Everywhere, Noah had to adapt to the new ways of living in the north and the difficult situations that come with it. Similarly to the boys in Lord of the Flies, survival and getting along with others was needed, but because the rules were different then at home, it was a challenge to fit in.
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