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Response to Intervention Support

No description

Monica Jaloma

on 21 August 2017

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Transcript of Response to Intervention Support

Response to Intervention...Targeted Campus Support
What is ESC R19 RTI All About?
Wisdom From the Field...One Department's Journey Through RTI
Miguel Rivera
Instructional Officer
Social Studies
Secondary Education
Socorro ISD
Assist campuses in evaluating current
RTI practices
processes utilized
, and the
fidelity of implementation
of interventions to ensure that a continuum of services is available to impact
all students
' academic achievement while ensuring teachers have the tools needed for success.
Campus RTI Program Evaluation
The program evaluation will allow campuses to utilize data for the purposes of planning and executing a comprehensive RTI Program at the campus level.
Module 1: Right From the Start
Module 2: DEFI
Module 3: RTI Campus Action Plan

Module 4: Problem Solving Team Training
Provide campus administrators and support teams the tools needed to implement or refine a campus-based RTI process and to support a change initiative.
Teams will engage in a comprehensive review of campus data to include the Texas Accountability Intervention System (TAIS) for the purpose of strengthening core instruction, determining professional development, program needs, and moving students between tiers.
Campus Leadership Teams will create comprehensive plan(s) to include action, targeted dates, and individuals responsible for the implementation of a research-based RTI process.
Teams will learn how to collaboratively approach issues in the problem-solving framework for students identified at Tier II and Tier III.
Training to Support Implementation of RTI at the Campus Level
ESC Region 19 offers a variety of customized services to support the implementation of RTI, including:
Differentiated Instruction
Content Specific Support
Special Populations (SPED, ELLs, GT, etc.)
Technology Integration
Administrator Support
Making a Difference
Areli Meza
TEKS Resource System
Program Manager
ESC Region 19
Pilot Campus
Administrator Buy-in
Interested in being a pilot campus
Begin May 2014
Wireless Access:
Username: guestA
Password: team

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