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설날 & 추석 by KOREAN10

No description

sabina kim

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of 설날 & 추석 by KOREAN10

Tradition and culture
Lunar New Year's Day (Sul-Nal,설날)
New Year's Day & Thanksgiving Day
in Korea

Thanksgiving day,
Work Cited
The first day of the first month by lunar calendar
Sul-nals' Custom/ Tradition

People (usually children) bow down to the parents or grandparents and this is called Sae-bae.
By doing sae-bae, children can receive money from them and this money is called as 'Sae-bae-don'
On this day, we all share New Year wishes called Duk-dam.
Sulnal,Lunar New Year's day,is one of the most celebrated national holidays in Korea.
Sulnal is truly a special occasion for Korean people.
Not just is it a time for paying respect to ancestors, but also spending time with their families .
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Hanbok is a traditional Koren Clothing which is usually used in special occasions, such as Chuseok or Sulnal.
Kite flying is a traditional game
Kite consists of bamboo tree and Hanji, Korean traditional paper.
After making the kite, the thread cuts and it flies high to the sky.
The history of Sul-nal can be found starting from the recordings from the time of the Three Kingdoms in between 7th century BC until the 1st century BC.
곶감, dried persimmon
송편, songpyeon
토란탕, taro soup
*However, foods prepared for Chuseok changed as industrialization occurred.
Sikhye (Sweet Rice Drink)
Sikhye is sweet rice drink and it is
one of the most important traditional
Korean drinks. It is flavored with
jujube and ginger and served as
a dessert.
Long Narrow Sleeves
Long Skirt
Food cont.
Long Narrow sleeves
Long pants
Yutnori (traditional dice game)
This food is sweet vermicelli noodles combined with various vegetables.

gameboard with 29 spaces + 4 Yut sticks + Pieces
divide into 2 teams. each member have 1 piece. Individuals can either carry other pieces of own teammates to move it together or chase down pieces of other team to bring it back to the beginning. Similar to dice game.

: means pig.
(1 stick fold. 1 space front.)
: means dog.
(2 sticks fold. 2 spaces front.)
: means sheep.
(3 sticks fold. 3 spaces front.)
: means cow.
(all sticks fold. 4 spaces front.)
means horse.
(no stick fold. 5 spaces front+throw once more.)
: 1 specified stick fold. 1 space back.

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"Sikhye." Sikhye. KSCPP, n.d. Web. 02 June 2014. <http://www.kscpp.net/KSCPPHome/OurProjects/KoreanFoodCulminationofWisdom/Sikhye/tabid/107/Default.aspx>.
Songpyeon is a type of rice cake made by kneading rice powder with hot water and stuffing the dough with beans, sesame, chestnuts and other fillings.
The rice cake is shaped into a half-moon and steamed.
Chuseok, originally known as Hangawi originates from celebration of the harvest moon.
When there is a full moon, our ancestors worshiped nature and appreciated it.
Also historically, kingdom of Silla held a banquet when there was a full moon
required items:

1) 벌초 (Bulcho)
Cut the weed near the graves (bulcho)
2) 성묘 (Sungmeow)
visit to one's ancestral graves
3) 차례 (Charae)
Memorial ceremony with family

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