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Climate Change

No description

Cassie Clark

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of Climate Change

The first records of temperature measured by thermometers were from Western Europe, which began in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. The network of temperature collection stations increased over time. By the early 20th century, records were being collected in almost all regions of the world- except for the polar regions where collections began in the 1940's and the 1950's.
Fun Facts
Ice is being shoved onto the shores by the high winds
Ice is being blamed for many duck deaths
75 percent of the scientists think humans are causing this huge climate change
How Does Climate Change Affect The

Scientists are debating many things right now, one of
those things is climate change to the oceans.
Future Events
Current Events
timeline of climate change affecting the oceans

Michael Mann

Someone who studies the climatic patterns.
Some of the Arctic sea ice is melting due to the water being 4 to 7 degrees higher than normal.
someone who studies earth using gravity
When water heats up it expands.
Born in 1965 and still living today.michael Mann is an author of 160 peer Reveiwed and edited publications.
In 2012 he was inducted as a fellow of the A G U (American Geophysical Union.)
relatively young
Co authors are Raymond.s.Bradley and Malcolm.k.Hughes for a paper produced in 1998 with Michael Mann as head author.
Organizing committee chair for the National Academy of Sciences.
The Hockey Stick and The Climate Wars were Manns books publised in the early 2012.
17th and 20th centuries
History of NOAA
National Oceanic and atmospheric administration
founded on October 3,1970
need to create a department that will serve national needs
we needed better protection of property and life from natural disasters.

1985 Conference

Recent Effects
Studies show that ocean biochemical changes that have been caused by man-made greenhouse gas emissions will start to effect marine habitats and organisms and will eventually affect humans. The oceans will have acidification, warming and reductions in oxygen and productivity (ex. species survival, size, richness and ecosystem function). Humans will be affected because food chains, fishing and tourism will be impacted.
Not very well known but still has done some very amazing things as a scientist.
Happening Now
by: Amanda, Cassie, Elise, and Noel
Michael Mann is the author of UN Report (climate change already taking a major toll on earth.)
The Hufington Post
Mother Nature Network
Science Daily
MIT Faculty Newsletter
Intergovernmental Panel
Something that will happen later on in life.

These polar bears are stranded
on a lonely piece of ice.
Temperature is
The ice is
Animals are
How Is Climate Change Affecting the Oceans?
17th & 18th Century Temperature collected with thermometers

20th Century Temperature collection stations increase

1940-1950's Polar Regions

If the water heats up we will have a major change in sea level.
Future Events
For example this house is on a beach say if the water had heated up, then the water would be up to the poles connected to the house and the whole house would collapse.
Thanks for watching!
We all had a lot of fun making this
Prezi we hope you enjoyed it!
Also when we have the sea level change Hurricanes and Tropical storms will increase around the world.
Tropical Storm

1985 a join of UNEP/WMO/ICSU for a conference.
concluded that greenhouse gases are expected to cause warming in next century.
1988 James E. Hanson made a conclusion that human-caused warming had affected global climate.
examples-car emissions and Aersol cans
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