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Author's Purpose

How to Identify and Justify Author's Purpose in Text

L Mele

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of Author's Purpose

Author's Purpose
The author's purpose is the author's intent:

to inform
to entertain
to persuade
Warm Up
Think about the last text you read-article, book, e-mail, anything! Why do you think the author wrote it?

When you are ready, share with the class using Padlet. Share the type of text you read (news article, email, fiction book, etc.) and why you think the author wrote the text.

Go to http://padlet.com/lmele/purpose

Lesson Information
How to Find Evidence
in the Text
Determine the text structure (news clip, Q & A, cook book, etc.)
Identify and highlight clue words/phrases that could hint at the overall message/purpose
Note the tone of the text
Pay attention to the source of the text
Note text features (headings, italicized words, charts, quotes etc.)
Note who is quoted, what makes them credible
Identify the overall message/take-away
Let's Practice!
Author's Purpose
Mrs. Mele has read:
These books tell about one girl's journey
to stand up for what is right by volunteering
for a life or death mission and the many challenges that she faces throughout this journey.

The author's purpose for writing these novels was to entertain the reader.

What have you read?
We see informative, entertaining, and persuasive messages all the time- not just in text. Can you identify which type of message each of the following clips displays?
CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RI.6.6 Determine an author’s point of view or purpose in a text and explain how it is conveyed in the text.

Reading Standard (6th Grade):
Lesson Objective:

We will identify and justify the author's purpose using evidence from the text.
Scenarios with KAHOOT!
Independent Assignment
Passage 1:
Lose Weight Now!
Fit Magazine

The Workout-Mania Machine will help you lose pounds and inches from your body in only one month. This amazing machine helps you to exercise correctly. If you buy now, you will also receive an easy video to show you the proper way to exercise. Send $75.99 and begin exercising today. We urge you to buy it today as this great deal won't last forever!

What is the author's purpose? What is your textual evidence?
Passage 2:
The Giant Panda: Background Information
World Encyclopedia

The giant panda is a bear like animal that has thick white fur with black markings on its ears, limbs, shoulders, and around its eyes. The giant panda feeds on bamboo forests at high altitudes in western China. It also eats bulbs, roots, eggs, and some small mammals. The cubs are born in late winter. The giant panda is an endangered species and is protected by the Chinese government.

What is the author's purpose? What is your textual evidence?
A cook book containing recipes for making cakes, cookies, and other desserts.
Game time!
Head to kahoot.it and
enter the PIN
on the screen

A poem about a “pack rat,” a person who refuses to throw things away, even things that most people would consider garbage.

The Shakespeare tragedy Romeo and Juliet, where two young lovers are forbidden from seeing one another due to a centuries old blood feud between their two families
A pamphlet urging people not to eat animals or use products made from animals or animal suffering because the author thinks that is cruel and unnecessary.
Follow up: You will go to NewsElA (link on Edmodo)
and choose one article to read and evaluate the author's purpose.
On the class Edmodo page, you will link your NewsELA article and write what the author's purpose is. Give two reasons to justify that response.
Go to http://www.NewsELA.com

Pick any one article from this site and choose an appropriate reading level.
Copy it to a new Google Doc and include the article link.
Read the article to determine the author's purpose.
Highlight at least 2 examples of evidence that support this purpose.
Leave comments on your Google Doc to explain how these examples support the purpose.
Share your assignment with Mrs. Mele at:


Note: This assignment can also be accessed on the class website
Let's practice!

Go to kahoot.it and type in the Game Pin:

To entertain-the intent is to provide the reader with writing that they will enjoy and may invoke emotions (funny, scary, sad, happy).
To inform- the intent is to provide
facts in order to teach the reader.
To persuade-the intent is to convince the reader to agree with the author's viewpoint
Example Assignment:

Your Turn!
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