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15 Things About Dr. Charles R. Drew

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Linda Wang

on 22 February 2011

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Transcript of 15 Things About Dr. Charles R. Drew

1. He was born on June 3rd, 1904 in Washington D.C. 2. He attended Dunbar High School, a progressive black school. 3. He had a sister named Elsie, who died of tuberculosis and pandemic influenza. 4. His athletic skills helped him win a scholarship to Amherst College in the state of Massachusetts, then went on to earn his PhD from McGill University, Montreal, and Columbia University. 5. He was a researcher and general surgeon and worked at many hospitals/teaching hospitals. 6. In 1943, he was selected to be the first African-American on the American Board of Surgery 15 Things About Dr. Charles R. Drew 7. He collected, tested, and transported blood with Dr. John Schudder for the United State's "Blood for Britain" project during WWII. 8. The Blood Transfusion Betterment Association applauded Drew for his work. 10. After 1939, Drew annually attended a free clinic at John A. Andrew Memorial Hospital in Tuskegee, Alabama. 11. After the 1950 Tuskegee Clinic, Drew and three other physicians suffered injuries in a car crash. Drew suffered serious injuries from which he died of half an hour after he received medical attention. The three other physicians suffered minor injuries and were taken to Alamance General Hospital. 12. Drew's funeral was held at a Baptist Church in Washington D.C. on April 5th, 1950. 13. Charles R. Drew Memorial Bridge in Washington D.C. was dedicated in honor of Drew. 14. In 1981, the United States Postal Service issued a 35¢ stamp in its "Great Americans" series to honor Drew. 15. In 2002, famous scholar Molefi Kete Assante named Drew amongst his list of the hundred greatest African Americans. 9. His work inspired the American Red Cross Blood Bank.
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