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Unit 23:Human Computer Interaction

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najeem youngsam

on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Unit 23:Human Computer Interaction

Unit 23:Human Computer Interaction
Visual Systems
The development of visual system has allowed the interaction between the human and the computer more. These systems has led to images been viewed as 3D images. This system has developed so much that a computer can be used to scan the human body. I am positive that the development of HCI has improved society as humans are now able to see their baby before it is even born.
Early Designs
One of the first computer graphics program created was called Sketchpad and was created in the 1960's. The purpose of this program was to study how humans learn. This software was then developed using WIMP in the 1980's. WIMP stands for Windows, Icons, Menus and Pointers.
Graphical User Interface (GUI)
GUI refers to how the user interacts with the computer. Over the years, computers have been developed which allows users to interact with the computer easier. This can be through touch screen or voice control. This is another positive impact on the culture as it attracts more users to depend on HCI. It also allows the user to interact with the computer in several different ways.
Extended Command Line (CLE)
When computers were first created, users had to go in the operating system and right a command for the computer to carry out. Computers have now beend developed where these commands are already stored on the operating system. This is one of the reasons why the culture of HCI has developed. Nearly everyone depends on a computer whether it is a laptop or phone to help them in their everyday activities.
In this presentation, i am going to identify and understand the impact that HCI has on society, the economy and culture.
Future Development
I am now going to talk about the revolution in HCI over the past 20 years. The revolution of a software simply means the development of it. This means this software features and application being improved. I am now going to talk about how touch screen was developed. The first touch screen technology was created in the 1960's. This technology was developed about every 4 years. The latest touch screen technology is the Apple tablet. Touch screens have a positive impact on society, economy and culture as it allows the user to interact more easily.

Web User Interface
A web user interface is what the user uses to input information on a Web page. This is an example of human computer interaction as the user has to physically input the information in the computer.
Specialized Interfaces
The fact that the development of HCI has increased so much over these years that special interfaces had to be created. These interfaces were created to meet specific needs of the market and the users. These specific user needs can be to meet individuals disabilities. For example, if there is a user that is blind, user interfaces designed voice control which will helps the users interaction with the computer. Another real world example is a driver driving, he can also use voice control to interact with his computer. I am positive that specialized interfaces have a positive impact on HCI. I believe this as these interfaces create ways that every user can use despite their disability. Steven Hawking is an example of a user that communicates with a computer through a specialized interface that meets his disability needs.
Present and Future Development
HCI has developed so much that there are now 3D effects that make it looks like images are popping outof the screen. This is a positive step for HCI as it makes the user more concentrated on the game or movie they are playing. Another example of how HCI has developed is with speech-activated software. Previously, the user had to talk very slow and cleary for the software to understand the users input. It has developed so much that the software will pick up your voice whether your speech was clear or not. Some softwares even provide suggestions for the user.
Thought Input
Thought input refers to the user thinking and then putting input into the computer. However, the development of HCI has improved so much that it is said that the thought process of the human has decreased. This is mainly because the computer now suggests nearly every input for the user. A real world example of this is in the google search bar. The user only needs to enter one letter and the computer suggests many options that start with that one letter the user input. Research has now began in the USA that is researching if micro chips can be installed on the user's skull to read their thought input.
Realistic Virtual Reality
These systems help to train drivers, pilots and astronauts. These services can be in the form of simulation games. These system gives these professionals experience. The systems pilots will use is more advanced than a flight simulation game. This system will be a fake plane and will be more realistic. The pilot will have more control over the system which results in more interaction with the computer. The pilot will experience everything he will experience when he is actually in the air flying. These systems have a positive impact on society as it gives pilots more experience which results in better travel experiences for travelers.
Computers have developed so much that users depend on computers for their everyday life. A real world example of how the population depends on computers is in work places. Every member of staff has their own ID card that gives them access to different areas of the buiding. A computer scanner is used to scan these cards to give the members of staff access to the building. This shows how technology protects us. Without this scanner ID method, a stranger that is harmful will have access to the building.
Improve Usability
Another reason why HCI has improved society is that it is easier to log into computers. The more a layout is consistent, the more users will use it. This is because the user will not require any special skills to use these software or applications. Microsoft is an example of a software that keeps there software consistent and is a reason why they have loyal customers as users do not like change. This consistency keeps it user friendly as the user is already familiar with most of the tools despite upgrades.

Interfaces for Hostile Environments
Interfaces for hostile enviroments refers to technology that is used as humans in dangerous situations. A real world example of this is when scientists send robots to space for investigation. This has a positive impact on society as it helps to find out vital information that may help the world without anyone getting hurt. These interfaces cost a lot to create which is a drawback.
There are some very complex GUI's used everyday by users. A example of these complex GUI's is heads up play. Heads-up display is a device that is worn on the head and is used to watch DVD'S and videos. Flight simulation is an example of complex GUI's as the pilot wears glasses like technology on their head which makes it look like they are actually flying a plane in the sky.
Productivity per Individual
The development of HCI has had a negative impact on economy as humans are being replaced by computers. This is negative as there is not enough jobs for humans to support their family. However, the productivity per individual has increased. This is because computers work faster than humans without getting tired. This is a positive impact on economy from a business perspective. This is because the business does not have to employ as much members of staff.
Increased Automatic
Interfaces for hostile environments refers to technology that is used as humans in dangerous situations. A real world example of this is when scientists send robots to space for investigation. This has a positive impact on society as it helps to find out vital information that may help the world without anyone getting hurt. These interfaces cost a lot to create which is a drawback.
Voice Input
Voice input is replacing jobs as people do not need to work in call centers anymore. This is a good service to use as people can call whenever they want and carry out their task quickly For example, if someone has to pay their bill , they can call the bank and pay quickly through their voice machine that gives them instructions. Another example of voice input is speaking into the microphone and they result being search for on google.
The ways in which people use computers
As technology as developed, people now use computers in different ways. An example of this is using cellphones to text instead of calling.
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