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UFO sightings

No description

Stephanie Weiss

on 8 May 2017

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Transcript of UFO sightings

websites used
MY theory
My theoy is that flying saucers are really vehicles of and advaced species of very early human that are so advaced that they built the own planet and are try to scott out eart so they can trainsformer their planet to be just like earth but with a twist
When & when does it take place
the first sighting in 1947 when a businessman named kenneth Arnold Claimded to see a group of NINe Near MTN rainer
What is the mystery
Ufo sightings,This is when someone sees something abnormal in the sky
Different Viewpoints
UFOS can be mistaken for lighting,ballons,venus,weired cloud formations,missle tests.military exeriments, and airplanes
BY Alex Prackelt
Also sightings increased in 1948 at dayson,OHio
also the sovied union believe that flying saucers are spacecrafts from another world

UFO sightings
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