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Coraline Prezi

No description

Taylor Ziegler

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of Coraline Prezi

Compare and contrast
Other Mother- An evil woman who stalks children through the eyes of little dolls. She tricks them into entering the other world and showers them with love, attention, and gifts. She wants someone to love as much as she loves herself.
Coraline- A curious, adventurous, ignored little girl who just wants some attention from her parents. Forced to move to the middle of no where, the only thing she can do is explore around the house. Her curiosity led her to the little door into the other world.
Cat- The cat is an important character in the movie and novel because he helps Coraline escape the "Other Mother's" evil grip. He plays kind of a guardian, following her around and giving her advice. The other cat only talks when he enters the other world with Coraline.
The settings between the real world and the other world are very different. Ironically, the other world is full of life and color. Coraline's real world is dull, grey, and rainy. Coraline falls in love with the other world when she discovers the colorful garden, Mr. bobinski's mouse circus, and Ms. Spink and Forcible's play.
Real World VS Other World
Mother VS Other Mother
Coraline's real mother is inattentive and works all the time. When Coraline asks her if she will play with her she says things like "leave me alone to work" and "go play by yourself but don't make a mess" at the beginning of the story she may seem mean but by the end Coraline learns to appreciate everything she does for her.
The other mother is seemingly nice at first. She gives Coraline the attention she craves from her real mother and gives her anything she wants. The other mother cooks Coraline her favorite meals and plays with her. But in the end it is reveled that she is evil and really wants Coraline's soul.
Novel VS Movie
The movie version of
is has more details about the characters. Mr. Bobinski, Ms. Spink and Forcible, and Wybie were all important elements that tied the plot together. In the novel, those characters are only mentioned once or twice and some of their names were not even mentioned in the novel until the very end. There is no need to read the book in order to understand the movie. The 3D animation brings the movie to life.
Novel by: Neil Gaiman
Movie Directed by: Henry Selick
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