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Copy of cept-case study

No description

Monika sharma

on 4 September 2014

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Transcript of Copy of cept-case study

Subject 2
Subject 3
Subject 3
1st step
2nd step
Last step
(cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr
cept arial view
centre of environmental planning and technology
architect: B.V Doshi
His vision : to help the students acquire wisdom,
along with knowledge.
To imbibe human values in the
students and make them more
sensitive to the current conditions.
area and location
The campus spreads over 6 acres of land

located in the historic city of Ahmedabad
the school of architecture first built in 1962,
with adequate facilities of expansion.
the campus not only contains school of architecture but also:
school of planning.
school of building science and technology.
school of interior design.
visual arts centre
community science centre
design ideology:
informal environment for exchange of ideas and thoughts between students and faculty.
flexible space for multifunctional
strong interconnectivity among
indoor and outdoor spaces.

'an open space with hardly any doors...'
-bv doshi.

local materials used to reduce installation
and maintainance costs
cept ahmedabad is a very good
example for the blend of nature and architecture
in such a highly functional environment.
Hence creating a unique ambiance.
Recessed windows provide protection from the hot sun while angled windows assure that maximum light reaches the interiors.
the stepped section of the building helps in the
smooth and effective air flow in the hot ahmedabad climate.

the contours make the site very level oriented and one can see the utilization of landform in the design.

the studios are connected through the staircase

but the faculty rooms are placed far away from the studio which is a disadvantage.

similarly the library interconnection is far away hence can't be easily made out.
but the indoor spaces are highly flexible,
suiting to the need of the hour.
corridors used as exhibition space
the openings provide glare free sunlight.
huge doors of the studios which
over look the open space.
thank you
presented by
thank you
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