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EDU 222 Final

Be a Superhero: Avenge the Garbage!

Leah McKinzie

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of EDU 222 Final

Background Adaptations Session One Session Two Session Three Overview Purpose: The students will learn ways to protect the environment by conserving natural resources and make a commitment on what they can do to help their community and home Grade Level: Second Grade
Special Needs: ADHD
Topic Objective: Students will learn ways to help thier community by protecting natural resources
Arizona Standards Addressed: Environment and Society 14 and 16. 14- How human actions modify the environment. 16- The changes that occur in the meaning, use, distribution, and the importance of resources.
Connections to other subjects: Reading, writing, and speaking and listening
Divide the lesson into meaningful "chunks"
Introduce the day's objectives
1. Find four ways to protect our environment
2. Make a booklet with the four ways to protect the environment and illustrations (model and finished booklet)
Model what needs to be done
1. Write a class list
2. Draw an example illustration
Independent Practice
1. Ensure students they are capable of the work
2. Provide support (with the booklet)
Recap the lesson
1. Class discussion
2. Exit questions Be a Superhero:
Avenge the Garbage! 1. Read "Michael Recycle"
Before reading: ask guided questions
During reading: ask questions about what is happening in the book. Clarify words
After reading: ask questions regarding recycling, protecting and conserving natural resources. 1. Review list from session one
2. Model a finished booklet and
distribute a Scoring Guide to explain the directions.
3. Model how to write a title, four ideas for conservation, a student commitment statement, and a parent signature.
4. Have students work on their booklet in class, independent practice. Walk around and help students.
5. Homework: finish the booklet and share with parents. Have a parent sign the last page of the book for confirmation. Students will share with the whole class their statement telling what they will do to conserve natural resources. Leah McKinzie Materials
"Michael Recycle" by Ellie Bethel
Pre-made booklets for each student
Instructions for booklet, "What we can do!"
Scoring guide for booklet
Parent Letter Objectives
Identify the meaning of a text through a teacher read aloud and guided questions
Write and illustrate four ways people can protect the environment
Write and state to the class how they will commit to helping their community or home to protect natural resources 2. Discuss ways to help the environment and write a list on the board. 3. Closure: students will write an exit ticket
What makes Michael Recycle a superhero?
What could you do to be like Michael? Assessment Session One: student must correctly answer at least one of the two exit ticket questions. Assess booklet, "What We Can Do!", using the scoring guide. Students will score 20 out of 24 points to meet mastery. http://geoalliance.asu.edu/azga_site/ Listen to their answers to guided questions
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