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PPP of Nestle

No description


on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of PPP of Nestle

Popularly Positioned Products
Of Nestle Market+R&D Opportunity+Strength cost+CSV nutritious affordable PPP secure Integrate Developed
markets Emerging
Consumers tasty To maximize the opportunity and target all consumer segments. Target to specific consumer groups Pensioners/
seniors Young people/
students Migrants Unemployed Single parents/
large householders Developed:maintain market share
Emerging:expansion strategy Key success factors Staying head the trends in emerging markets:increasing R&D capabilities to drive growth Unmatched product&brand portfolio
Unmatched research&development capability
Unmatched cost&distribution strategy
Unmatched geographic presence
it's people,culture,values and attitudes Maslow's hierarchy of needs consumers' needs Not only physically
But Emotionally PPP model Place Explore a variety of methods' distribution Not only... Traditional retail sellers Key account managers Wholesalers/Distributors But also Tailor made Micro distributors Horizontal setups Direct sale delivery(DSD) PPP's future LU Ye
DESURMONT Harold PPP STRATEGY Target Why? PROFIT Consumer volume CSV Future potential (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr Food technology
adapt to local needs Product R&D Price Low-price strategy Food technology
Localize manufacture,sourcing,taste
Value orientation
Quality&Security Promotion External Brand management
Corporation-oriented scope Internal CSV
Inner workers Thank you!
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