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Korean Culture Hour

No description

Iris Moon

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Korean Culture Hour

Presented by Korean Culture Hour! Do you know where South Korea is? KOREA IS COOL =) south KOREA?
Low calories
Food! Korean Cuisine Tons of Idol Band!...and PSY Korean Music (K-Pop) Indiana! South Korea! Republic Of Korea(ROK) (Daehan-Minguk) Capital, the largest city
SEOUL! (10 mil people.) about 50 million people DUUUUUUDE!
Do you have "McDonalds" in korea? HECK
YEEAAHHHH! Tourism Seasons in KOREA? Did you know that these are all KOREAN companies? Hangul Kimchi Religion? Specially Thanks to =) THANK YOU Public Transportation National Flag (Taegeukgi) National Flower (Mugunghwa) National Animal (Tiger) Do you know what day is it today? March 1st movement, in 1919 Willson, "Fourteen Points" Korean Declaration of Independence National Holiday in Korea King Sejong the Great Korean Alphabet 24 Consonant and Vowel letters The Correct/Proper Sounds for
the Instruction of People Government of KOREA President: Park Geun Hye Democratic Republic National Assembly Blue House JIKJI First moveable metal type Korean Buddhist document UNESCO 42 Line Bible (GERMANY) Seokguram Grotto Harmonized with Western Art (Hellenistic Civilization) World Heritage List Stoned Buddha (Enlightenment) Famous Korean Characters KOREA's Sport and Activity Which one of these flags is Korean national flag? Spring Summer Fall Winter More Places to go... JEJU ISLAND BUSAN KYUNG JU KOREAN FOOD TEST At least 5 of them! How many K-POP star you can name? Now how many Korean company you can name? Isn't it? Come and Visit Korea At least 5 of them! PSY - KOREA Drinking etiquette in KOREA Korean Territory "Dok-do" Cultural Difference Do you remember 2002 World Cup? I-Club Mama's Korean Restaurant Cafe Korea Brothers Oriental Grocery IUPUI Faculties IUPUI KSA Members IUB KSA & PKA Hiphop Dance Crew & DJ DK AND YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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