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How does pop culture influence and affect globalization?

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Lacy Hazelbaker

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of How does pop culture influence and affect globalization?

How does pop culture influence and affect globalization?
How does our favorite music in one country affect the taste of music around the world?
Movies and Television
The Internet
How is the internet bringing countries closer together and more globalized?
How do movies and televison affect globalization and influence opinions of globalization?
Video Games
How does the global spread of famous video games affect globalization?
Why is the globalization of pop culture often called "Americanzation"?
(Culture Shock, 2011)
Sources Cited
Quote: "In an era of global capitalism, cultural distinctiveness can become more important, not less important. Because it's sort of what people have left." -Theda Skocpol
They often portray a certain culture, and can give people more knowledge about a certain culture
Some countries block the selling of movies from other countries because of the values portrayed.
CNN, a news broadcast, now reaches over 200 million households in over 212 countries and territories.
Television that supports globalization can often alter people's perspective
(Globalization101, 2014)
Tom and Jerry: A cartoon known almost all around the world
Pokemon, as we all know, is very popular, but not only here, almost everywhere

Ahsaei, Arman. "The Pop Culture Is the World's Culture." The Pop Culture is
the World's Culture. Culture Shock, 2011. Web. 12 Mar. 2014. <http://cultureshock.scripts.mit.edu/fa2011/pop- culture-is-the- worlds-culture.php>.
"American Attitudes: Americans & the World." American
Attitudes: Americans & the World. World
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The Levin Institute, 2014. Web. 11 Mar. 2014. <http://www.globalization101.org/pop-culture/>.

The American pop culture businesses are benefiting in
, getting more
, from selling all over the world
Ideas of freedom, and people's rights are being spread.
Other countries learn from us, and our progress as a country.
Only 7% of Americans thing that we are a threat to any other cultures
Basically, we get more benefit because of Americanization, but the other countries also learn a lot from us, and can use it to alter their own ways.
in this industry.
Good Things
Bad things
Many people believe that the globalization of pop culture is mostly just Americanizing the other cultures.
Other cultures are being overrun by the American ways.
The individuality of countries and cultures are becoming blurry
American culture talks about freedom and some rights that aren't allowed in other countries.
Some countries block out American pop culture.
The children of other countries are becoming more "American" and will slowly lose their own cultural motives and ideas.
America is overrunning the other cultures, and causing the popular culture around the world to be the American culture.
Many music companies around the world are having to make their videos more "Americanized" to compete with the American artists, and their
are being lost.
Currently, British and American artists are very popular all over the world,
like Frozen is to the media. (simile)
Countries with stronger musical industries become more popular
Countries' individuality in music is becoming less because of the strength of other industries.
(Globalization101, 2014)
One Direction is an English/Irish band that is very famous in the United States and many other countries around the world
Any country that doesn't have laws against it uses the internet.
Social Media is used, which spreads the fame of pop culture and lets you communicate with people from around the world.
Sites like YouTube and Netflix let you watch things produced in other countries.
You can research about the cultures of other countries, and learn things from each country like their
culture, combat, curriculum, and colors
. (alliteration)
(CultureShock, 2011)

Psy, a Korean music artist, made Gangnam Style which quickly became famous after being put on the internet
The production and selling of video games take place everywhere, and some of your favorite games are probably from another country. With the internet, you are able to play video games with people all over the world, because pf the
of them.
Markus Persson (Notch), the creator of Minecraft lives in Sweden.
High Moon Studios, creator of Call of Duty, is American
Game Freak, the producer of the Pokemon Games, is a Japanese company
Countries are becoming more globalized because of the
billions (hyperbole)
of video games that are spread around the world giving different ideas, the
(buying and selling), and being able to play with other cultures
(Globalization101, 2014)
Minecraft is a very famous game created by a video game designer from Sweden
What does pop culture DO in globalization?
The websites I collected my information from
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