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LAI CDG and professional development

Presentation given at the LAI/CILIP Annual Joint Conference in Croke Park, 10 April 2013.

Jelly Beans

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of LAI CDG and professional development

Issues in professional development LAI Career Development Group CDG
Who are we? October 2012 LAI Career Development Group Inaugural meeting @ NGI 2013 LAI CDG Future events Past events Autumn AGM 2012 LIS Career Development Group Employment Group Getting together LAI TOES report 2011 LAI AGM motions Proposal letter Aims and Objectives Meeting with
LAI Council Group set-up Policies and procedures Online presence Plan of action Events LAI website Blog LAI CDG LAI CDG http://www.libraryassociation.ie http://laicdg.wordpress.com/ @LAICDGroup INOU Arcline Eneclann Alternative Career Paths Career development while in work LEARN Projects Keep up-to-date Try new tech JiscMail Associations: LAI, CILIP, IFLA, ALA newsletters, mailing lists RSS feeds of blogs and websites GO Conferences In-house and external training Networking DO Broadcast yourself Publish Workshops Talks Events #irelibchat #edchatie #uklibchat @libfocus #infolit @theREALwikiman @mishdalton @acarbery @jsecker @NLIreland @OCLC @EuropeanaEU @ASLIBRARIES @LAICDGroup @dri_ireland @LibraryJobs #lilac13 #LIRHEAnet2013 @WilliamKilbride @Jisc @CILIPinfo @CILIPCDG @LAICMG #asl2013 #cdg2013 #npdi2013 #hslg2013 #ili2013 @PhiliBradley @joyanne #RDALaunch Ciara! #wlic2013 Find us online at Libcamp (A&SL+CDG) Film night CV & job searching User Groups Forums organisational Blog Social media Podcasts Video communication interpersonal Professional activism management http://www.netvibes.com/lisireland Explore upskill! Thank you! @LAICDGroup cdginfo@libraryassociation.ie
Giada Gelli, MLIS, Chair LAI CDG
Assistant Librarian NGI
@JadaJelly http://laicdg.wordpress.com
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