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How Classroom Champions will help your students

contact info: info@classroomchampions.org

Steve Mesler

on 19 February 2016

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Transcript of How Classroom Champions will help your students

We know they are, but we also know they need someone to teach them the skills and attitudes of success.
Who better to mentor them than people who have demonstrated excellence in their own endeavors - like the world’s greatest athletes?
The ability to accomplish their own dreams gives our mentors the expertise to unpack that process for the next generation
Classroom Champions partners with teachers to connect trained mentors with classrooms of students across the continent for a school-year-long relationship conducted using technology.
no matter what big dreams the children have in mind.
With a mentor believing in them, anything seems possible, no matter the child’s background.
Classroom Champion students say they’re twice as likely to actively pursue their goals than the national average.
More than twice the national average also report that they can find their way around
Each video ends with a monthly challenge for the students to complete.
Teachers integrate the monthly theme with core subjects like literacy, social studies, and math, and use technology donated by Classroom Champions to stay in touch with their mentors.
They report that the themes support a healthy classroom climate and engage students in school.
Classroom Champions also helps students develop interpersonal skills.
Meanwhile, as the mentors pursue their own dreams, the students see that process unfold in real time.
In addition, each classroom has the opportunity to meet their mentor through two live chats.
a respected friend, who has a positive influence on each child participating in the program.
83% said that their mentor was their friend
With the support of Classroom Champions’ education team, mentors are a powerful voice in the classroom, inspiring students...
...and their teachers, who are supported through ongoing training, a lively online community, and a yearly conference.
Teachers report that the program has helped them develop their practice.
and strengthen school-home-community relationships.
If you would like to invite an amazing, inspiring athlete into your classroom to serve as a mentor
and would like for your students to grow in the areas of self efficacy, interpersonal skills, and digital literacy
we would love for you to join us in teaching students to dream big and accomplish those dreams!
The mentors teach goal setting and perseverance, and other character education themes, in monthly video lessons.
that disrupts schedules and the guest speaker is never seen again.
To learn more about Classroom Champions, or to apply, click on
Meryl Davis
Charlie White
, USA ice dancers, Olympic gold and silver medalists
Tracey Ferguson
, CAN wheelchair basketball, 3x Olympic gold medalist
Christian Taylor
, USA triple jump, Olympic gold medalist
Elana Meyers Taylor
, USA bobsled, Olympic silver and bronze medalist
Brad Spence
, CAN alpine skiing, two-time Olympian
Emily Cook
, USA aerial skiing, three-time Olympian
Tristan Walker
Justin Snith
, CAN doubles luge, two-time Olympians
Brittany Webster
, CAN cross country skiing, two-time Olympian
Sarah hammer
, USA track cycling, 2-time Olympic silver medalist
Lex Gillette
, USA track and field, Paralympic silver medalist
Jesse Cockney
, CAN cross country skiing, Olympian
Curt Tomasevicz
, USA bobsled, gold and bronze medalist
Hayley Wickenheiser
, CAN hockey, 5x Olympic medalist
thanks to
The mentors look forward to this time with their students too.
In our program, the one-time visit is reimagined to become a give and take, life-changing relationship.
The live chats provide a unique opportunity for the students to learn directly from their mentors and ask questions about their daily lives and their paths to success.
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