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Personal Beauty Services delivered to hospital patients and

No description

Rita Grima

on 10 July 2014

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Transcript of Personal Beauty Services delivered to hospital patients and

Personal Beauty Services delivered to hospital patients and their relatives
Booking of services through current hospital TV and telephone infrastructure OR
Booking service outsourced to another company and delivered to company staff via SMS or mobile business app
Extended hospital stays
lonely patients, bored patients
family with little to do
breaks a long day
psychological and emotional benefits of "looking better"
In-hospital services
Mobile services for a fee offering:
hairstyling and hair-setting
Pricing schedule to cover
cost of mobile equipment, consumables, trained personnel, training for employees
compensation to hospital for use of premises as a business
Employee assistance program for employees

Reduced overheads because of business mobility
Negotiations with hospital administration regarding
hospital as place of business
usage of power, light, etc
OHS and Workcover considerations
fees hospital might consider charging
pro-bono services for patients based on history and recommendations of nursing staff based with a ceiling level
possible storage facilitities for mobile trolleys

Elevator Pitch - Feeling better and looking better
Thank you!
Flyers delivered to hospital bedside
TV hospital channel advertising
Roving "beauty assistants" offering services
Posters on Ward noticeboards
Hairdressing and Beauty Services industry has exhibited modest growth despite turbulent economic conditions. Over the five years through 2014-15, industry revenue is forecast to grow at an annualised 0.9%.

Many of the industry's services are discretionary, however, growing stability in global markets is expected provide a boost for the industry, with revenue forecast to grow by 1.8% in 2014-15 to reach $3.9 billion.

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