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Tablets or textbooks

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Stella He

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Tablets or textbooks

Kindergarten To Grade Twelve School Should Be Using Printed Textbooks Instead Of Tablets

K-12 students are facing health problem that might be permanent health issue for them
Safety Concerns Of Letting Students having tablets As Textbooks
Tablets Can Affect Students' Process Of Learning

by Stella He
Kindergarten to Grade twelve(K-12) school should be using printed ordinary textbooks rather than having textbook contents electronically in tablets. There are countable reasons why K-12 schools should not be using tablets as textbooks. Using tablets can affect students health, students learning process and there can be safety concerns letting students wonder around in the internet. It is an incredible amount of money the school board and the government need to pay for students to have tablets at school and it is also time consuming for the students and teachers to deal with tablets afterward.
The Amount Of Money Government and School Board Need To Pay For Students to Have Tablets In School
*United State Government spent over 3 million dollar on learning purposes tablets on 2012
*Electronics get outdated really quickly
*Los Angeles District School Board made a purchase on 660,000 tablets at $678 a piece
*Cost of fixing broken tablets is not little
*Amplify in Guilford Country N.C said that 10% of the tablets have broken screen or scratches at the first few week of those tablets' arrival
*L.A District School Board spent $50 million dollar on a well-regarded reading software on computers and tablets
*A research shows that human eyes read slower on electronic devices than on printed book, students can have difficulty reading their tablets
*Older students can easily find a way to escape from the security protection on their tablets to explore other sites that are not related to learning
*Textbooks used in K-12 school are rarely available in e-book
*Attention during class can be disturbed by electronics
*Increase the chance of students cheating with help from the internet
*High school students from Westonester High School jailbreak the security system on the first few days
*Computer Vision Syndrome(CVS) is a common issue who face electronics all the time
(e.g. blurry eyes, eyestrain, neck problem, back problem)
*The University of Maryland research find out that students in China, Britain and America admit to craving, anxiety attacks and depression when forced to abstain from using media
*Electronic Screen Syndrome(ESS) is another common issue which can cause disorganized behaviour, poor eye contact, social imaturaity, non-restorative sleep
"Our study shows that two-hour exposure to light from self-luminous electronic displays can suppress melatonin by about 22percent。."said Mariana Figureiro, director of LRC's Light and Health Program
*Radiation from the tablets can cause hearing problem, sleeplessness, lack of concentration and cancer
*On October, 2012, a computer hacker stole approximately 300,00 students personal information
*High school students can get through the security system easily in few days
*Unnecessary advertisement and information can be inappropriate for younger students
*The Cyberbullying Research Center reported that half of the teens have experienced some form of cyberbullying
It is Time Consuming For Students and Teachers To Deal with Tablets
*Average charging time of a tablet is 6.5 hour
*Average time for Grade 1 to grade 12 students to use textbook is 6.5 hours, excluding time for homework and studying
*It takes time to repair the broken screens on the tablets, there won't have enough textbooks for everyone
*Students of a high school in L.A say that it is hard to connect to the internet and it takes a long time to get to their textbook page due to having poor wifi network
*the school board first need to let the teacher know how to co-operate with the tablets then let the students know
In Conclusion, I strongly state that kindergarten to grade twelve school should not be using tablets replacing ordinary printed hardcover textbooks. There are no need to having tablets in the school and it can lead students to some serious problems. As I said earlier, having tablets in the school can result affecting students' learning process, many textbook titles can not be found in e-book version, there are more excuses for not doing what they are suppose to do, homework or studying, it gives them a greater chance of cheating. Secondly, students using tablets can cause health problem, such as Computer Vision Syndrome(CVS), Electronic Screen Syndrome(ESS). Third, it is a safety problem letting students using tablets, their personally information may be stolen which happened in Los Angeles(L.A). Also, it is time consuming for the teachers and students to deal with tablets, the school need to let the teacher know how to co-operate with it, then the teachers need to teach the students how to make it work. Lastly, there is a enormous amount of money the federal government and the school board need to pay for the tablets and wifi network in the school.
Mashable's http://mashable.com/2011/05/16/tablets-education/
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