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Compare and Contrasting the different types of Volcanoes

Did for science

Darci Reimers

on 24 April 2015

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Transcript of Compare and Contrasting the different types of Volcanoes

Compare and Contrasting the different types of Volcanoes
Shield Volcano
Cinder Cone Volcano
Composite Volcano
Type of silica
The shape of the volcano
Type of eruptions
Magma that varys in silica content
Magma with low silica content
Magma with a hight silica content
It is a tall, cone-shaped mountain
It is a wide, gently sloping mountain
Is a steep, cone-shaped hill or small mountain
It has exlosive eruptions with ash, cinder, and bombs
Sometimes lava flows though
Flows out in thin layers of lava
Explosive eruptions with cinders, ash, and bombs
They are the same because...
They all erupt but....
Composite Volcanoes and Cinder Cone Volcanoes can have the same eruptions
Composite Volcanoes and Shield Volcanoes can have the same eruptions too
Quiet eruptions
Explosive eruptions
Composite volcanoes and Cinder Cone Volcanoes can be both cone shaped
They are different because...
They all have different silica content
They have different heights
Just to name a few..
Just to name a few.....
I used pictures from google
By Darci Reimers
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