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Biology EOC Game review 2

No description

Adam Taylor

on 2 May 2011

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Transcript of Biology EOC Game review 2

4 molecules of life Prokaryotes/
and tools biodiversity and evolution 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 500 What are the 4 main classes of organic compounds? carbohydrates
nucleic acids tools for science Methods of science 100 500 Where are protiens made (synthesis) in the cell? ribosomes types of cell - prokaryote - eukaryote Mitosis makes what kind of cells? 500 Body cells = somatic cells What are the 6 parts to cell division in mitosis? IPMATC 100 What does ipmatc stand for? interphase
cytokenisis What are 4 types of measurements used in science? distance, time, mass, volume 100 think of way to cross off # already used What makes a protein? amino acids What are carbohydrates? compounds made of only carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen What are lipids? Long chain of carbons and hydrogen
that does not dissolve in water Gives some examples of lipids. fats, waxes, steroids What are exampls of nucleotides? DNA & RNA What is DNA made of? Sugar phosphate and a base nucleus
membrane bound organelles
100 200 300 400 500 What does mitochondria use to make ATP? Glucose What do enzymes do? Lower the activation energy? If the cell has mitochondria, rough and smooth ER, and a nucleus
what type of cell is it? Eukaryotic 200 300 400 What phase do cells spend most
of their time? #30 test 1 What type of cell division do bacteria go through? binary fission how do you measure mass, length, volume At the begining of mitosis the nucleus has 46 chromosomes. How many at the end of mitosis? 46 What measurement should be used to
tell the amount of water in a fish tank? Liters What unit would it be to measure the mass of a rock? What would be the appropriate tool
for looking at a skin cell? 200 300 400 200 300 What is pH? measurement for acidity 400 How many pounds of grass will it take to feed 10 pounds of rabbit? 500 100 lb 100 What is evolution? change in allele frequency from
generation to generation What is the easy way to define evolution? survival of the fittest. aka - genes changing slowly what are the 4 parts to natural selection? 1. genetic variation
2. gene are inherited
3. overproduction of offspring
4. struggle for survival What changes the genes in a species? mutations Animals that live where it is cold have thicker fur. Animals that have fast food run fast themselves. Species that live in caves their whole lives cannot see.
what effects how animals change? Their habitat and environment 200 300 why would the same species of turtle look
different if they are from different islands? Different environments on different islands 400 Why would the same type of bird have different beak shapes. different food sources. 500 Biology EOC Review Game Bonus question List three examples of carbohydrates glucose
galactose What is the chemical formula for glucose C6 H12 O6 How many amino acids are there? 20 What are amino acids made from? carboxly group - COOH
R group - NH2 prokayotes eukary what makes a human cell a eukaryote. What makes a bacteria a prokaryote test 2 Q 7 How to measure diff between shrivelled potato compared to original How would you find the volume of a peanut? how would you measure the length of a building Body chemical reactions enzymes evolution - what effects the change in body structure like bird beaks. What features to eukarotic cells have? Bacteria is what kind of cell? Prokaryotic How do you know? Bacteria do not have a nucleus or
membrane-bound organelle What kind of base? nitrogenous base With the lowering of the activation energy the
reaction speeds up or slows down? speeds up. So in simple terms what do enzymes do? speed up reactions so they
take less time Cell Reproduction Who can draw pmat on the board? Interphase What are the three parts of interphase? G1 S-phase G2 Which phase does the DNA replicate? S phase At the begining of meiosis
each cell as 46 chromosomes
the cells are diploid cells At the end of meiosis how many chromosomes
do the daughter cells have? What is that called? 23 - haploid meiosis makes what kind of cells? sex cells - gametes What are the two
types of gametes? sperm and eggs How many chromosomes are
there when the sperm and egg combine? 46 How do you measure distance? km, m, cm, mm How do you measure time? s, min, hours How do you measure
mass? g, kg How do you measure volume? ml, l g, kg What tool to measure that rock? triple beam balance,
electronic balance light microscope How do you measure pH? pH meter, pH paper does that mean the strongest
and the fastest? no, but it could mean that by adam taylor - twitter @2footgiraffe
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