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Latin America Luxury Goods Online Retailer

No description

Juan Delgado

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Latin America Luxury Goods Online Retailer

Osklen Pedro
Lourenço Huis
Clos Evangelina
Bomparola Garza
Lobos Luxury Goods in Latin America...really? Mariana
Dappiano Argentina? Gauchos, Tango? Pepa
Pombo Colombia? Caribbean dancers, more indigenous people? Silvia
Tcherassi Isabel
Henao Mexico? Mariachis,
indigenous people? Julia &
Renata Mancandy Most luxury goods global (even regional) consumers think that is it!

But they might want to take a deeper look... David
Salomon Brazil Argentina Colombia Mexico Latin America has been creating, producing and consuming luxury goods for the past two decades.

It's time for them to hit international markets!
Focus on local / regional individual trends, yet global: reports, designer profiles, shopping guides in video and images

Cultural exchange: educate and delight customers

Finely curated products

First class customer service / shopping experience

The Shoppable Online Magazine Singular 2011 Global Industry Size:
EUR191Bn Click to learn more about Brazilian fashion! and more... and more... and more... and more... 5-Year Expected CAGR:
8.5% 2011 Luxury Online Retail:
EUR6.2Bn 5-Year Expected CAGR:
28% e-commerce
5-Year Expected CAGR:
~17% 2011
We want more out of the pie...

Latin America luxury is not cheap...
as the look of this Prezi Brazil? Flip-flops, Carnaval?
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