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Genres Language Arts 7th grade

Mr. Clement

Cassie Moore

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Genres Language Arts 7th grade

Genres by: Cassie Moore
and Jane Hufnagel Myth Fantasy by: Jane Hufnagel by: Cassie Moore What is a myth? A myth is a story with a purpose.
It tries to explain the way the world is .
It also tries to explain the relationship
between gods and humans.
Even though the events in a myth
are usually impossible, they try to send
a message that has an important social
or religious meaning. People have always tried to figure
out common questions like who
made the universe or what makes a
storm. Religion, gods and myths
were created when people tried to
make sense out of questions. For
early people, myths were like science
because they explain how things
work. Fantasy is a genre that could be
explained as a story that is not real;
usually has make-believe characters
and events. The fantasy genre is usually
used when things in a story are make-
believe. What is Fantasy? Examples of Fantasy Peter Pan The Hobbit The Harry Potter books The Chronicles of Narnia Alice in Wonderland Mary Poppins More Information on Fantasy Fantasy usually has to do with magical
or make-believe things. The events that
occur in a fantasy book or movie happen
outside the normal universe. Books that
are set in the fantasy genre normally
include talking animals, goblins, elves, giants, dwarfs, ect. The main reason authors write their books in Fantasy is because it has many different possibilities. It is not limited to the boundaries of the real world. by: Cassie Moore-
-google images
-you tube by: Jane Hufnagel Citation Indian Mythology is one of
the richest elements of Indian culture, and makes it a unique one in the world. Through generations different stories in Indian mythology have been passed from generations to generations either by word of mouth or by carefully stored scriptures. For Example:
Indian Mythological resources stress the need
for recitation of the name of lord Ganesh before
starting any work. Here is a story named "The Sage's
Daughter". Once upon a time, there lived
a sage on the banks of a river. He and his wife
did not have any children. One day when the sage was
praying in the middle of a river, an eagle happened to pass
by and dropped a female mouse in the sage's hand. he opened his eyes and took the mouse home to his wife. They decided to convert the mouse into a baby girl. They took care of her and brought her up as their own. She grew up to be a very beautiful maiden and at age 16, the sage decided that she should be married to the sun god, but she refused and said that the sun god is very intense and she would be reduced to ashes in his presence. Then he prayed and
now wanted his daughter to be married
to the lord of the clouds, but she again refused
by saying that she didn't want to marry a person
as dark as him and that she was afraid of the thunder
that he produced.
Then he tried the god of the wind. The daughter
refused by saying he was such a fast person and
would always be on the move. The wind god suggested the mountain lord, but his daughter said that he was too cold hearted, and said that she wanted someone softer. The mountain god suggested she go to a mouse because the mouse is soft and can yet make holes in the mountain.
This time, his daughter was happy and agreed to marrying the mouse. "So be it" said the sage. He converted her back to a mouse when she got married. Destiny Cannot Be Changed! -indianmythology.com/finish/see story.php?story ID=72 -library.thimkquest.org/J002356F/myth.htm -google images Fantasy is used by many authors around
the world. It is dated back to B.C. times
and still used in books today. It's
characters and sometimes the plot is
beyond your wildest dreams.
Fantasy would be an awesome
choice when writing a book because
it can extened to anything you want. -Pegasus


-Loch Ness monster

-Griffin Spiderwick Chronicles -you tube
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