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1d is better than u


Luisa Cervantes

on 28 February 2016

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Transcript of 1d is better than u

Luisa Cervantes, Norma
Macedo and Julissa Cooper
One Direction WWA and OTRA World Tours 2014-2015
They had 29 shows in the United States and 2 in Canada.
Where We Are 2014 North America
Third Part of the On the Road Again Tour! The first show in Johannesburg was 3 days after Zain Malik left the band, first concert after Malik officially left the band
100% attendanc
On the Road Again 2015 South Africa
Second stop! Europe the second leg of the WWA tour 28 shows in 12 different countries.
Where We Are 2014 Europe!
On the Road Again Tour 2015 Asia
Where We Are 2014 South America!
On The Road Again 2015 Australia
On the Road Again Tour 2015 UAE
First stop! South America was 1D's first leg of the WWA tour. Shows were in Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.

Australia, first leg of the OTRA tour! One Direction had a total of 7 shows in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth.

Absolute Locations:
Bogota : 12.0433° S, 77.0283 °W
Lima: 12.0433° S, 77.0283° W
Santiago: 33.4500° S, 38.3817 ° W
Buenos Aires: 34.6033° S, 58.3817° W
Montevideo: 34.8836° S, 56.1819° W
São Paulo: 23.5500° S, 46.6333° W
Rio de Janeiro: 22.9068° S, 43.1729° W

What's one important to South Americans?
Soccer and Alpacas!
Brazil has won 5 World Cups
Some Tourist Attractions
Why are Alpacas Important?
Alpaca wool makes these cool blankets
Incas referred to their wool as "Fiber from the Gods"
Christ the Reedeemer, Machu Picchu, Amazon Rainforest (3) , Carnival, Easter Island, Perito Moreno Glacier, Playa Brava.
What does South America Produce?
Coffee, Gold, Medicinal Plants, Petroleum, Urucu Cocoa,and Bananas,.
In dry areas, every 7 years "El Niño" causes heavy rainfall in dry regions.

Absolute Location
Johannesburg: 26.2044° S, 28.0456° E
Cape Town: 33.9253° S, 18.4239° E
Some Tourist Attractions in South Africa
Robben Island Prison, Kruger National park, Table Moutain, Cape of Good Hope, Two Oceans Aquarium, Cradle of Humankind
Agriculture in South Africa
Sugar Cane, Maize, Wheat, Wine, Pomelo, Stone Fruit
South African Culture, Traditions and Art
Cape Town Carnival
Cape Town Carnival celebrate South African cultural diversity. Communities show their interpretations of elements.

Absolute Locations!
Sydney: 33.8650° S, 151.2094° E
Brsibane: 27.4667° S, 153.0333° E
Melbourne: 37.8136° S, 144.9631° E
Adelaide: 34° 55' S, 138° 35' E
Perth: 31.9522° S, 115.8589° E
Dubai was the first and last stop of the fourth leg of the OTRA tour! The show in Dubai was the first concert in the Middle East.
Absolute Location:
Dubai: 25.2048° N, 55.2708° E
Absolute Location:
London: 51.5072° N, 0.1275° W
Paris: 48.8567° N, 2.3508° E
Stockholm: 59.3294° N, 18.0686° E
Amsterdam: 52.3667° N, 4.9000° E
Madrid: 40.4000° N, 3.7167° W
Milan: 45.4667° N, 9.1833° E
Dublin: 53.3478° N, 6.2597° W

Absolute Locations:
Chicago: 41.8369° N, 87.6847° W
Las Vegas: 36.1215° N, 115.1739° W
Detroit: 42.3314° N, 83.0458° W
St. Louis: 38.6272° N, 90.1978° W
New Orleans: 29.9500° N, 90.0667° W
Miami: 25.7753° N, 80.2089° W
Toronto: 43° 39' N , 79° 22' W
The boys have performed in Osaka, Tokyo, Singapore, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Manila and Jakarta!
Total reveune of 3 shows in South Africa was about $9,766,120
Absolute Location!
Osaka: 34.6939° N, 135.5022° E
Tokyo: 35.6833° N, 139.6833° E
Singapore: 1.3000° N, 103.8000° E
Bangkok: 13.7563° N, 100.5018° E
Hong Kong: 22.2783° N, 114.1747° E
Manila: 14.5800° N, 121.0000° E
Jakarta: 6.1745° S, 106.8227° E

Total revenue of the 10 shows was about $36,762,990
No information on attendance or revenue, show end early because fans were being too violent.
Notice Harry Styles isn't wearing the Bears jersey. (He likes the Packers.)
One Direction with David Cameron, Prime Minister.
Press Conference in Japan
Total revenue of about $126,195,390 in all 28 countries
Total all 31 shows in North America had a revenue of about $127,220,072
Total revenue of the 7 shows was about $
Total revenue of 7 countries in Asia was about $ 45,838,980
Julissa went to 2014 WWA tour Chicago
Some Laws in the United Arab Emirates
PDA is strictly illegal.
Homosexuality is illegal and is punishable by the death penalty.
Prohibition of wearing indecent clothing, visitors must conform.
Alcohol is banned in most parts of the UAE
Against the law to live with someone outside of marriage
Zero drug tolerance.
Smoking banned in most places.

Police in Dubai
Some Architecture in the UAE
(These are for real man)
Natural Resources in the UAE
Natural Gas
The United Arab Emirates have very limited basic resources like freshwater.
Annual Events
Camel Beauty Festival
Dubai World Cup
Food Festival
Family Events
Jazz Festival
Now, Look at this potato, it's done nothing productive. (It probably uses autotune)
But, they have made it...
Naughty Boy
(or should we say Naughty Potato)
What's Australian Culture?
Some tourist attractions!!
Animals in Australia!!!
What's in European Culture?
Some Tourist Attractions
What are some Natural Resources from Europe?
Some European Music
Natural Resources in North America
What are North American Cultures?
Some Tourist Attractions
March 18, 2015 Hong Kong
Zayn Malik's last performance was in Hong Kong, a week later the 1DHQ announced that he wanted "A normal 22 year-old life."
(But really he went with this potato)
Asian Culture!
Some Tourist Attractions
Natural Resources
Most One Direction fans hate him, he goes by many names one of the most common ones is the "Moldy sausagey grease stain"
North American Music
Spiders only found in Australia!
Little Mix
Ed Sheeran
Ellie Goulding
Pink Floyd
Rolling Stones
Spice Girls
The Beatles
Union J
Troye Sivan!
Jessie J
Australian Artists!
Enrique Iglesias
5 Seconds of Summer!!!!!
Vance Joy!
Iron Maiden
Mali-Koa Hood!
The Main Level
One Direction!!!
(Zayn's last concert)
Twenty One Pilots!!
Britney Spears
Avril Lavigne
Panic! at the Disco
Justin Bieber
Taylor Swift
Fall out Boy!!
Maroon 5
Los Tigres del Norte
Carly Rae Jepsen
Meghan Trainor

One Direction Albums
Up All Night
Take Me Home
Midnight Memories
You and I EP
and One Direction
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