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Jerry Tian

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Rochben

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Hans Morgenthau
Niccolo Machiavelli
Sun Tzu
Republi-monarchist system
Guiding Principles
Right to:
life, death, their person, freedom of speech, provision of basic physiological and psychological needs, choosing their chairman and other ministers, and deposition of leaders.
under the age of 18 = protected.
unified front.
No discrimination.
Voting is mandatory.
War measures act.

Leadership system
Prenatal testing for genetic conditions. If they are found, the child is aborted.
Free healthcare for children up until the age of 14.
Free for elementary and secondary.
University entrance exams.
University degrees - bachlor, masters, PhD. Class system.
The monarch:
The national symbol and essential exponent
To give speeches, visits, and negotiations
To display our caring and respect to other countries
Actions and affairs:
Has absolute power over the country and its resources
Could call upon its army
Change its laws
Change the whole structure and functionality of the country
On decision making:
The chairman has absolute power, but all other high officials (including the monarch) has one opposing vote. Two votes to overrule a decision.
Work force
Companies are responsible for their workers.
They have rights and can work in the profession they choose.
Responsible for managing their own resources.
Government = 10%.
Rehabilitation training.
All companies must have packages.
No "retirement" age. Housing provided.
Two qualifiers - age and amount of medical care.
5 years.
It pays to have an RRSP!
Terminally ill/degenerating illness= 3 times informed consent, panel.
Excruciating pain = an expedited process.
Social Policies
"Rochben the Glorious"
The National Anthem of Rochben

Rochden the land of the strong and proud,
We want to sing this song very loud,
For in this country of the happy and free,
We all live in harmony.

Our country is advanced,
We always think before we take a stance,
We love our monarch and our chairman,
Who make sure to do the best that they can.

We are provided with full support,
For our lives are of the utmost import,
To help serve our great country,
We always want to stay healthy.

Our land has created many a technology,
Which sparkles like our pieces of our economy.
Through the encouragement of good relations,
We find ourselves friends with other nations.

But woe to those who try to hurt us,
We will not let you meet any success,
For we are protected by our braves,
Who protect us from the waves.

Rochben, the land of beautiful blue skies,
We always want to keep our strong ties,
Rochben you live on in our hearts,
For everything in you makes living there the best part.

Foreign Policy
Diplomacy is important.
Don't jump in blindly.
Force is sometimes necessary.
Foreign aid is to be provided.
Alliances are taken seriously.
Deals happen on many fronts.

We export high-tech & import clothes and other basic necessities
35% Manufacturing, 35% Agriculture and 30% Services
Interest = 18%, Main interest rate = 2%/yr
Foreign takeover isn't allowed
You need a financial advisor to invest
Charcoal Market
Anti-tampering measures
Economic Policy
Zone 1: Capital region
Zone 2: Agriculture land
Zone 3: Raw Industries
Zone 4: Manufacturing Industries
Zone 5: National Park/Green Zone
Zone 6: Science and Tech facilities
Zone 7: Fishery
Always Watching
Watch for opportunities.
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