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The Role and Importance of Social Media within Going Abroad

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Maren Buchmüller

on 29 July 2013

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Transcript of The Role and Importance of Social Media within Going Abroad

The Role and Importance of Social Media (within Going Abroad)
Facebook: 955 million users, more than 42 million pages
Youtube: 4 billion views per day   
Skype: 250 million monthly connected users  
LinkedIn: 175 million users 
Twitter: 140 million users  
Ebay: 100 million active users 
Instagram: 80 million registered users, 4 billion photos 
Flickr: 75 million users 
WordPress: 74 million blogs 
How Many People Use the Top Social Media?
(Sept 2012)
Social media are an enormous part of today’s everyday life
Many of your potential business partners, as well as customers are online
→ You and your business should be too!
What do these numbers tell us?
Strengthen the position of female entrepreneurs with micro-businesses. Help our participants to growth and to establish their business on an international level.

One of the project’s cornerstones is therefore the implementation of cross-border networks that simplify the steps to export and international trade.
Going Abroad’s aim is to
The better you know another participant and their business

the more you can learn from them
the better you can help each other
the better you can judge their level of experience
and their level of professionalism

Over time, getting to know each other better will bring you many benefits in terms of contacts, exchange of experience and references.

Networking is a long term strategy for entrepreneurs and their businesses.
(Social Media) Networking pays off

Over the last couple of years, social media has grown rapidly and has become more and more important.

Today it is a key communication tool

Fan sites and business pages are powerful tools that can reach many people and can help you to promote your business.
The Importance of Social Media Networking for Businesses

Connect with your customers
(create a dialogue)

Make yourself and your business visible

Promote your business

The 3 most important reasons for small businesses to use social media are to:

Social media has made the world a much smaller place
where you can do business with someone from across
the globe. Don’t be afraid to use it!

Learn to use this tool efficiently
Help each other
Ask for help
It is worth it!

You need to reach people where they
are – on Web 2.0!
Thank you for your attention!

Any questions?

Let‘s get you and your business online!
(by Caig Smith.)
"2012 was a bumper year for social media marketing, convincingly showing the rest of the world that it’s not just for kids, a game or a silly trend. It’s here to stay – yay!
Big brands realised that using social media to reach their loyal fan base was perfect, so they put this at the heart of their marketing strategies. Many campaigns used a mix of on and offline ideas – more proof that social media had established itself, and was worth investing in, to connect with customers and find new ones who would happily toot their horn.
And the best part? These ideas work just as well for small businesses too. In fact, we have an advantage! We have everything to gain from social media’s accessibility and low-cost, plus our ability to move with spontaneity and flexibility."

Here you find a list of business women, their companies and the different branches they work with, from Lithuania, Sweden and Germany.
We hope you find new ideas, valuable business contacts a possibility to market your business together with someone else ... or simply someone to "ball ideas"
Branch Network
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