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Sati - Hindu Goddess

No description

Grace Wang

on 20 December 2013

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Transcript of Sati - Hindu Goddess

Sati Legend
1. King daksha organized yajna without inviting Shiva and Sati.
2. Sati went anyways and was harshly rejected by her father
3. Sati threw herself in a fire and died.
Shiva and Sati
Shiva loved Sati and only her throughout the legend. After sensing what Sati had done, he fell into a rage and created two monsters named Virabhadra and Bhadrakali. The two of them killed most of the people at the celebration and also decapitated King Daksha. After taking up Sati's body, their are two versions of the story of what Shiva did, but both end the same.
Sati was the goddess of marital devotion and the earlier incarnation of Parvati. Both were married to Shiva. Her name means virtuous woman in Sanskrit.
1. Sati decided that she wanted to marry Shiva early on.
2. Sati left luxurious lifestyle
3. After Shiva agreed to marry her, King Daksha disowned her.
Family Issues
King Daksha
1. Son to Lord Brahma
2. Had a lot of kids
Act of Sati
To test devotion, the act of sati is used when a wife outlives a husband. It is thought that if this happens, the wife did not take proper measures to do the prayers that protect her husband. To correct this, and as a test of her devotion, the wife kills herself and buries herself with her husband. However, the goddess Sati is not completely related to this as she killed herself out of anger against her father.
Sati was later reincarnated as the goddess Parvati, also wife to Shiva.

1. Brahmins were forbidden from committing sati.
-considered murder
2. Kshatriya women committing sati was considered honorable.
By: Grace Wang
Both stories end saying that Sati's body dissembled into 51 pieces onto Earth. They are now locations of temples honoring Sati, called Shakti Peethas. There are also smaller temples beside the main 51, that were made due to Sati's blood drops.
When Sati was reincarnated into Parvati, her father was King Himavat and mother was Devi mata. This time, her father listened to her and acknowledged her. Parvati also respected him. Just as before, she sought out Shiva and married him. They had the god Ganesh(elephant-looking god).
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