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Bicycle Planning 2.0

No description

Evan Corey

on 15 September 2012

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Transcript of Bicycle Planning 2.0

Santa Monica's implementation-focused bicycle plan Bicycle Planning 2.0 Santa Monica Context

Plan Structure

Planning Process

Taking the Plan Off the Shelf Why is this important? Taking the plan off the shelf Devil’s in the details!
.....Some unexpected challenges LUCE Policies
Council Backing
Looked at feasibility first
Identified hurdles
Identified the BIG projects
Didn’t solve everything What made the Plan implementable? Action – What has been implemented to date? Is it a plan that contains just the basics? No! Priority Bikeways 250 Members/1300 Entries
167 Bikes Parked Free
Classes/Rides Programs Setting the stage Vision
Community Benefits of Bicycling
Policy framework and process Environmental scan Existing programs
Existing bikeways
Cycling markets
Cycling numbers
Safety indicators 3.4% commute mode share Recommended actions Programs
Support facilities
Bikeways, facility selection, and innovation
Maintenance guidelines Innovative facilities Rolling it out Program implementation by community priority
Aggressive network implementation
Measuring and monitoring program
Actions beyond adoption Step 1 Community route planning LUCE Step 2 Step 3 Priority Network Curb-to-curb width
Underutilized space
Bus, freight, emergency operations
Identify jurisdictional issues
Imagine new connections at barriers
Traffic control
Parking conflicts
Parking removal (esp. with cycle tracks)
Driveway access management
Topography Field work The Bikeway Action Plan Back end detail…
...a lot of detail Enabling policy framework
ID all possible challenges
Clarify what to do at intersections
Multi-jurisdiction coordination
Priorities that make sense
Major projects, no restriping needed, and repaving programs
Clear design guidelines Must haves Education Awareness Programs Branding and Identity Bike Campus Supporting facilities Bike parking Bike Center 5 year and 20 year
Implementation focused and yet innovative Cross-sections Project sheets
A tool for local government accountability! What should other communities
strive to replicate? Strong policies Integrated land use and transportation planning Proactive funding Grants Bike supportive general/comp plans Cross pollinate Strategic, yet opportunistic 1. Need: Community/Safety/Mode shift 2. Repaving/reconstruction 3. Major projects (Expo LRT) 4. No restripe Bicycle Planning 2.0 Key Takeaways Implementation-focused bicycle plans Laurie Pessah, Senior Associate Michael Moule, PE, Principal Evan Corey, Associate Michelle Glickert, Senior Transportation Planner, City of Santa Monica mmoule@nelson\nygaard.com ecorey@nelsonnygaard.com lpessah@tooledesign.com Michelle.Glickert@smgov.net
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