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"Whatever you can rightly say about India, the opposite is a

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ashley tarleton

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of "Whatever you can rightly say about India, the opposite is a

"Whatever you can rightly say about India, the opposite is also true." - Joan Robinson, Cambridge economist
-Federal Republic ; 28 states and 7 Union Territories
-Executive Branch: President- Pranab Mukherjee
V. President- Mohamad Hamid
Prime Minister- Manmohan Singh
-Legislative Branch: Council of States; 245 seats, 12 seats are appointed by President, rest are chosen in staggered elections.
People's Assembly- 545 seats; 543 elected by popular vote, 2 seats are appointed by President.
-Judicial Branch: Supreme Court; Chief of Justice and 25 Associate Justices.
- India GDP 1.842 trillion
-Debt as % of GDP is 50.85%
-Top 2 exports; Pearls & Coal
- Hindi is official language
New Delhi 21.72 Million
Mumbai 19.65 Million
Kolkata 15.29 Million
Chennal 7.42 Million
Bangalore 7.08 Million

Similarities among other cultures:
Avoid Stereotypes, KNOW YOUR CLIENT!
Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal is located in Agra, India. India Gate is located in Dehli, India.
Started Construction in 1632. Started construction in 1921 as a WWI Memorial.
Opened in 1648. Finished in 1931.
Named one of the "7 New Wonders of the World." Designed by Edwin Lutyens.
India Gate
Village house
- Child Labor ;
Child Labor Act of 1986;
- Banned "hazardous" work of children under age 14
- Rights to Education Act of 2010;
- Free education until age 14
- Not really enforced
Major Holidays ; Independence Day -August 15. 1947
Republic Day -January 26, 1950
Gandhi Jayanti -October 2nd

Festival of lights- Diwali - November 4

- 5 Day celebration
- Welcome "Goddess" Lakshmi of wealth and prosperity.

Hindi = Language Hindu = Religion
Gender Roles


Skewed Sex Ratio
Family Life
Arranged/"Love" Marriages
Weddings & Marriages
Economy & Population
Street House
Tower Blocks
Today's Indian Women
Women Against Violence
Success & Panchyati Raj
Indian business culture is very diverse. It is important to be sensitive to and appreciate the diversity of Indian business culture, which varies across regions, sectors, and ownership patterns.
Holidays & Celebrations
Child Labor & Housing Conditions
"Economic Recovery would have to be lead by improved investment and consumption, prospects do not appear to be promising at this stage. Elevated inflation, tight monetary stance and week currency will constrain spending and likely be an additional drag on growth."- ADB
Famous Architecture in India

vs. Conversative

Personal>Business Business>Personal
decisions based on trust decisions pased on statistics
time is just a guideline time is a schedule
Business in India
Business Attire
Gift Giving
Communication and Conversation
It is normal to start discussions with "small talk" and unrelated topics. Conversation is a mode of building and strengthening relationships.

Country's poverty
Never decline food or beverages.
Traditional meetings are informal
Direct disagreement is rude
Rise when boss enters
Expect meeting delay
Small talk first, business later
Customary but not expected at first meeting
No expensive gifts
Use red, yellow, green, blue colored wrapping
Must take gift if invited for dinner

Having Indian contact helps getting a appointment
Schedule a couple of months in advance
Reconfirm your meeting
Prepare for last minute changes (leave contact info)
Business Hours are Monday-Friday 10am-5pm.

Topics to discuss/avoid.
Language: English
Indians find it difficult to say "no". Always ask specific questions but never attempt to force them to be more direct than they are comfortable with.
Unacceptable Behavior:

Pointing with one finger
Touching someone else's head
Pointing with feet/Feet touching
Saying "Thank You" after meal
Direct eye-contact
Touching anyone with left hand

Greeting women
Proper Greeting

Greet most senior/elder first
Shake with your right hand. The left is "unclean"
Show respect for business card
Cell phones are allowed
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